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Mood Media Launches New Client Support Self-Service Portal

Mood Media client portal offers clients a more efficient, effective one-stop-shop for managing account-related needs and services.

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Mood Media today announced the launch of its Mood Client Support Portal.

As a part of the Mood Reimagined initiative, the new online portal “provides clients with a simple, 24/7 support system that enables them to directly manage more account-related needs, including technical support and troubleshooting, open service requests, subscriptions and billing, licensing, account settings, history and online payments,” today’s announcement says.

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“The Client Support Portal is a huge step forward in our ongoing efforts to reimagine the way we serve and service our clients,” said Trey Courtney, global chief products & partnerships officer at Mood Media, in the company announcement.

“By giving our clients the ability to manage more of their needs directly through the Portal, we’re helping them skip the service calls, and are giving them back valuable time they can dedicate elsewhere,” he said.

Mood Media Client Portal

More About the Mood Media Client Portal

The Mood Media client portal smart search tool helps clients find answers about general account questions or support issues, like player error codes and steps for how to resolve them. There is also a live chat feature in the works, which is projected to go live early next year.

“As the creators of this industry, we’re moving forward with the experience and insight of 85 years of market perspective, combined with a relentless appetite for development and progress,” said David Hoodis, CEO of Mood Media, in the company announcement.

“We’re committed to leveraging technology and automated touchpoints wherever possible so that we can better focus our interactions with our clients on driving toward relevant, impactful solutions for them,” he said. “Our new Client Support Portal is a great example of this.”

The Mood Media Client Support Portal replaces the Mood Hub and will be available in international markets in the coming weeks.

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