These Hospital Technology Examples are So Bad, They’ll Stop Your Heart

The healthcare facilities in this slideshow really lost out when they hired whoever did these hospital technology installs…& so did the patients!

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These Hospital Technology Examples are So Bad, They’ll Stop Your Heart
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Hospitals are nothing without the people who work inside them. But the healthcare technology is pretty important, too, and in this slideshow, we examine some pretty poor examples of it… And pair those with much, MUCH better ones.

Whoever made the hospital technology investments in these examples really lost out, but the real losers are, of course, the patients.

It isn’t clear in some of these pictures if the tech was installed by an actual systems integrator or a business owner who wanted to save some cash.

It’s not as though there’s a shortage of professionals to choose from, though.

Our yearly Integration Awards highlight projects which stand out in an industry where looks matter.

Unlike their careless counterparts in the slideshow, these AV installations caught our attention for how well the AV systems integrator understood clients’ unique challenges and how closely they worked with the client to ensure they delivered an effective problem-solving solution.

Useful for hospital technology integrators:

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