ASCII Group CEO on a Mission to Elevate Role of MSPs with New Book

A new book released by ASCII Group CEO explains the necessity of the MSP and how they are pivotal in the ongoing fight on cybersecurity.

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Alan D. Weinberger, chairman and CEO of The ASCII Group, has published a book “illuminating to the general public how important a managed service provider is in maintaining the health of our economy and our infrastructure itself, in the new cyber security era.

Weinberger’s book, “The Doctor’s In: Treating America’s Greatest Cyber Security Threat,” explores “the ever-changing online world and how businesses can safeguard and equip themselves with the best protection—in the form of a Managed Service Provider,” the ASCII Group announcement says.

The book “explores how MSPs help us protect our ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ in our new digital age,” according to the ASCII Group announcement. The book also features forewords by cybersecurity experts Theresa Payton and Frank Abagnale.

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“Alan has done an excellent job in helping the end-user to understand the necessity of the MSP in keeping the IT components of virtually every size company operating smoothly,” said Alan Bayles, a lawyer and businessman in New York City.

“Like a virologist today, there is no standing on past laurels when a criminal component is looking for new ways to get through the body or current IT defenses,” he said.

More About Alan Weinberger’s New Book

A long-standing supporter of IT professionals, Weinberger founded The ASCII Group in 1984 in Washington D.C., recognizing the important role these individuals played in the IT revolution of the 1980s.

“Alan Weinberger brings his decades of IT channel experience to bear on the topic of how managed service providers are the indispensable link in the technology chain for small businesses the world over,” said Joshua Liberman, president of Net Sciences, Inc.

“Alan provides a bit of historical context and then explains the critical role that MSPs play in the deployment, maintenance, and ongoing securing of IT in businesses of all sizes,” he said.

“The Doctor’s In: Treating America’s Greatest Cyber Security Threat” is a 62-page book with a retail price of $10. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. of Pittsburgh.

Click here to buy Alan Weinberger’s book, “The Doctor’s In: Treating America’s Greatest Cyber Security Threat.”