EnGenius Cloud Launches SD-WAN Gateway Series Products for Network Efficiency

EnGenius’ SD-WAN Gateway products facilitate prioritizing security and efficiency for connecting any enterprise with its branch offices.

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EnGenius Cloud Launches SD-WAN Gateway Series Products for Network Efficiency

EnGenius, the Costa Mesa, Calif.-based networking and cloud solutions provider, recently launched its lineup of SD-WAN Gateway products, catering to the need for cloud-based services to prioritize security and efficiency for connecting any enterprise with its branch offices. The EnGenius SD-WAN series provides a secure and reliable solution, enabling seamless integration with EnGenius Cloud-managed Access Points and Switches, to offer a unified view and heightened security, the company says.

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology is becoming increasingly necessary for the security and reliability of networks, taking into account the data-driven infrastructure running on cloud-based and private enterprise networks. EnGenius SD-WAN Gateways are designed to provide enterprises with a highly scalable and resilient network solution. The SD-WAN Gateway series offers features like EnGenius Auto-VPN and NAT Traversal, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking a secure and efficient network solution.

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SD-WAN Gateway Series Features

  • Seamless scalability with unparalleled flexibility in wireless and wired networks: EnGenius SD-WAN Gateways enable businesses to quickly and easily deploy multiple branch offices, including all necessary firewall rules and network policies. This makes it an ideal solution for companies with a growing remote workforce and increased reliance on cloud-based services, allowing them to maintain secure and efficient network connections.
  • Automated and simplified configuration for faster deployment and increased uptime: Building a VPN network with EnGenius SD-WAN is effortless, requiring just a few clicks, even with NAT networks. With its auto-healing capabilities, the system automatically adjusts VPN settings when WAN IP changes, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  • Ability to monitor connections in real time for improved security and visibility: EnGenius SD-WAN provides network administrators with complete visibility into the health status of all VPN links, WAN performance, and network trends. This comprehensive visibility makes necessary adjustments or troubleshooting issues easier with real-time performance monitoring and tunnel status tracking.
  • Zero-Trust framework for enhanced security at scale: Get peace of mind knowing your connection between branch offices and headquarters is further secured using multiple authentication levels, including device verifications with Zero Trust Framework, which all come with EnGenius SD-WAN Gateways.
  • Ability to leverage the power of EnGenius Cloud for unified management of devices and networks: EnGenius SD-WAN Gateways provide an integrated solution for your entire network needs via the EnGenius Cloud. Businesses can easily manage and monitor all network devices in one centralized location, including Access Points and Network Switches.

“We are very excited to be launching this new line of SD-WAN products that provide greater stability and security for enterprises and the branches,” Antony Lai, vice president at EnGenius, declares. “We have worked hard to provide a high-level solution that is easy to deploy and manage while providing seamless integration with EnGenius Cloud-managed products with a secure, reliable, and effective system that is scalable to their needs for managing their networks.”

EnGenius Cloud-managed SD-WAN Gateway lineups:

  • ESG320(new)- 4-Port Gigabit PoE+ Cloud SD-WAN Gateway
  • ESG510 – 4-Port Multi-Gigabit PoE+ Cloud SD-WAN Gateway
  • ESG610(new) – 4-Port Multi-Gigabit PoE+ Cloud SD-WAN Gateway
  • ESG620(new) – 8-Port Multi-Gigabit PoE+ Cloud SD-WAN Gateway with 2 SFP+ Slots

EnGenius Cloud-managed SD-WAN Gateway Features:

  • Auto-VPN and NAT traversal
  • Network topology and VPN status
  • Stateful firewall and firewall policy applies to all
  • Dual-WAN load balance and failover
  • Unified with EnGenius Cloud management and devices
  • Touchless system maintenance and automatic updates
  • Management on the go with Cloud To-Go·
  • Multi-mode passthrough and routing options.