5 Most Innovative Product Presentation Products of 2017: The Best Display Brackets, Conference Tables, & Display Mounts

Published: December 26, 2017

AV technology is nothing without a solid product presentation — after all, there’s a reason clients stress out over hiring integrators they can trust rather than a shady wiremonger.

Thankfully, there are plenty of brands which offer seamless, professional furniture and product presentation presentation products that make it easy to install complicated systems cleanly and neatly.

There is more to proper system design and installation than just technology. How humans interact with their work environment is just as important today as the method that AV signals are transmitted or the level of picture quality a display produces.

But it’s not all about the products. The value that integration firms and consultants bring to customers is in understanding their unique organization challenges and designing systems that solve them.

That being said, products are a big part of those solutions. Throughout 2017 the industry saw great innovation from its manufacturers.

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2017 was a year in which companies focused on how to provide product solutions that help integrators address their clients’ emerging huddle and conference room needs.

product presentation, display brackets, display mounts, conference tables

Meanwhile, how content is distributed also evolved throughout 2017.

Many manufacturers touted new AV over IP solutions, while others focused on streaming products.

The products we’ve gathered here are, by no means, the only products released during 2017, nor do they create an all-encompassing list of beneficial products for the AV industry.

With that disclaimer in place, however, you’ve got to admit that these 5 display brackets, conference tables, and display mounts go a long way toward defining the direction that pro audio integration took in 2017.

Click on the following companies to see their most innovative display brackets, conference tables, display mounts and other product presentation products:

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