Chuck Wilson Honored: Community Celebrates His Ongoing Contributions

Published: March 5, 2024
Chuck Wilson (far left) receives an honorary Hawkeyes jersey. Wilson is a mega-fan of all things Iowa sports. Photo by Dan Ferrisi.

At NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference 2024, NSCA’s CEO, Chuck Wilson, announced that he’ll retire from the CEO role this spring so he can devote his full attention to related passions, such as charitable and philanthropic work on behalf of school safety and nurturing the next generation of AV professionals. In addition, Wilson will take on a strategic role supporting the NSCA team and executive director Tom LeBlanc. Tributes to and celebrations of Wilson took place throughout BLC, as industry members sought to thank him for playing a foundational role in our industry’s growth and maturation.

Legendary Figures Honor Chuck Wilson

Three legendary industry figures took the stage during an opening night dinner and reception to reflect on their multi-decade relationships with Wilson: Andy Musci, director of business development, A-V Services, Inc.; Ron Pusey, formerly vice president of Corbett Technology Solutions, Inc.; and Ray Bailey, president of Lone Star Communications, Inc.

Musci reflected, “I served on the board of NSCA for a dozen years, and, with Chuck’s leadership, I think we accomplished some pretty great things. We couldn’t have done it without Chuck and his team.” He continued, “I so appreciate the time I got to spend on the board, working with Chuck and his team and all the other board members, whom I’ve become great friends with over these many years.” He said that BLC 2024 blew him away, and he credited Wilson with being pivotal in making NSCA and all its initiatives everything that they are today.

“[Chuck’s] dedication to our industry is far more than many in this room will likely ever know,” Pusey stated. He effortlessly rattled off a long list of NSCA’s achievements and called them, “…examples of the triumphs that Chuck has led for all of us because of his dedication and passion for this industry.” Pusey reflected on the personal side, as well, talking about his 30-plus-year friendship with Wilson and saying how blessed he is to know him. He concluded by declaring, “Your membership, your leadership [and] your dedication to this industry are only surpassed by your humility, brother.”

‘Strength, Wisdom and Dedication’

According to Bailey, “In the world of commercial integration, Chuck is the name that resonates with strength, wisdom and dedication. His commitment to excellence and fairness has not only propelled companies to greater heights but also is a beacon of hope during those most challenging of times.” He added, “Chuck has stood as the unwavering rock in this industry, a testament to what it means to serve with integrity and passion.” Bailey concluded, “His heart and soul has been poured into this association, and it’s fortified the foundation and inspired countless individuals to strive for more greatness.”

Commercial Integrator sincerely thanks Chuck Wilson for his decades of tireless service for the growth, betterment and enduring future of the AV integration industry and the professionals who work in it.

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