Diversified Releases VitalSign Public Safety Enhancing Digital Signage Solution

Published: April 23, 2020

Diversified this morning announces the debut of the company’s new public safety-enhancing digital signage solution: FocalPoint VitalSign.

In today’s global climate, Diversified “saw a need to provide first-level assurance to facilities operators whenever large groups of people assemble and potentially interact,” according to the company announcement.

The VitalSign solution “provides an initial layer of screening protection by detecting anyone with an elevated temperature from three feet away and within one second,” the Diversified announcement says.

Powered by Aurora Multimedia, VitalSign is an extension of FocalPoint, Diversified’s exclusive digital signage as a service (DSaaS) offering that it released late last year.

Available as either a freestanding or wall-mounted kiosk, VitalSign “leverages infrared temperature sensors and advanced algorithms to calculate heat signatures, providing an alert when someone with a high temperature is detected,” according to the Diversified announcement.

How FocalPoint VitalSign Works

Based on German technology, VitalSign sensors measure with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius (+/- 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit), without any compromises to accuracy for the enhanced non-touch hygienics. [related]

“The sensors quickly and easily provide highly accurate temperature readings for individuals within range,” said Aurora Multimedia CEO Paul Harris in the Diversified announcement.

“Given the unprecedented societal impacts experienced lately, we want to do our part to help the world get back to the new norm as soon as possible,” he said.

As the newest addition to FocalPoint, VitalSign is “helping to reassure people of the health and safety of everyone around them and promoting safety in a socially distanced society,” the Diversified announcement said.

“VitalSign is designed to protect what’s most important—the safety of our people,” said John Melillo, senior VP of Diversified’s Digital Media Group specialty, in the company announcement.

“In today’s health climate, whether placed at an office or hospital entrance, a gym or an airport, these visual temperature readings not only help keep the public safe but can also lessen the mental and emotional burden of those inside,” he said.

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