Environmental Lights Launches Continuous Side View RGB PixelControl Strip Light in Black Finish

Published: August 24, 2023
Photo courtesy of Environmental Lights.

Environmental Lights, the San Diego, Calif.-based LED lighting solutions provider, announced the launch of Continuous Side View RGB PixelControl Strip Light in black finish.

The new product emits a continuous line of light from the strip’s edge. The neon-like appearance of the light is only visible when viewed from the side. The extremely narrow profile combined with the company’s patented continuous chip-on-board (COB) technology provides a highly dependable, hotspot-free, discrete lighting solution that can be placed in tight spaces, says the company.

The black finish allows the strip to blend seamlessly into dark environments with the ability to precisely control pixels — what you see is a dazzling lighting effect that seems to appear out of thin air.

“Continuous Side View RGB PixelControl Strip Light provides lighting designers with everything they need in one package for entertainment and production promotion applications” says Jordan Brooks, president of Environmental Lights. “When in operation, the product is capable of displaying stunning lighting effects with a variety of control protocols and blends into the set discretely when turned off.”

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Continuous Side View Applications

The discrete lighting solution is ideal for television and film sets, retail store displays and hospitality venues. The black PCB and side-firing lumens give the product hardware an extremely subtle presence while providing powerful visual effects thanks to the PixelControl functionality. The built-in diffusion ensures that the light will be evenly dispersed.

Environmental Lights offers 13 additional varieties in 16-foot reels. Environmental Lights offers fixed color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K as well as tunable white and non-PixelControl RGB. Among these, there are also white finish PCB and waterproof versions available.

The new product is available now at or by calling (888) 880-1880. Sales engineers are available to answer any questions and assist with specifying the ideal combination of lights and power for projects.

Continuous Side View RGB PixelControl Strip Light Features

Continuous Side View RGB PixelControl Strip Light in Black Features:

  • Directional light output parallel to mounting surface
  • Extremely narrow profile
  • Built-in diffusion
  • Black Finish
  • Patented COB technology provides best-in-class color consistency and dependable longevity
  • PixelControl technology – WS2811 IC Chip
  • Built-in diffusion
  • RGB spectrum produces millions of colors.
  • UL Listed
  • RoHS
  • Patent US 11,359,797 B1

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