L-Acoustics Brings New AI-Powered Mixhalo Translate Capabilities To ISE

Published: 2024-02-01

L-Acoustics showcased new capabilities for the L-ISA platform with AI-powered Mixhalo Translate in Audio Demo Room #B4, Hall 8.0 in Barcelona. Per a statement, Mixhalo’s real-time audio streaming software unlocks a new creative dimension with high-fidelity, low-latency audio for audiences at conferences, sporting events, museums and more. Having gained industry attention worldwide by winning both audio technology and event technology of the year at the AV Awards in London late last year, Mixhalo is now set to revolutionize interpretation services at live events, bringing AI and cloud services to the L-ISA platform, says L-Acoustics.

According to the company, Mixhalo Translate combines real-time streaming capabilities with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, transforming the way interpretation services are delivered at live events. Attendees can thus enjoy AI-generated foreign language interpretation and transcription through their own familiar smartphones and headphones. The quality and accuracy of the translations are comparable to human interpreters, says L-Acoustics. As a result, it ensures an intuitive, immersive and inclusive experience for all. Moreover, it achieves this without the need for expensive and cumbersome sound packs and headphones.

Since 2023, Mixhalo has been integrated into the L-Acoustics L-ISA Processor II. “Hosting Mixhalo’s groundbreaking software on the L-ISA platform represents a technology marriage unlike anything else on the market,” says Asher Dowson, director of product management at L-Acoustics. “Bringing revolutionary AI Translation and high-fidelity on-device audio streaming in one integrated solution, enabled by the new Mixhalo Control interface for configuring and managing streams, unlocks audience personalization and inclusivity for a whole host of new experiences and event formats.”

“Mixhalo Translate will completely revolutionize the way event organizers procure and provide interpretation services—and the way that attendees consume content at live events,” explains Corey Laplante, COO of Mixhalo, “By delivering AI-generated content directly to a user’s own phone and headphones, we have built a modern solution for today’s live events.”

Per a statement, renowned artists and teams such as Metallica, Sting, Pharrell, and the Seattle Kraken and FC Dallas have already embraced the technology, offering their fans unforgettable audio experiences.

“We’re thrilled to have a select group of partners on board for the Mixhalo Translate beta and look forward to making the solution publicly available later this year. Beyond that, we’re excited to see the L-ISA platform utilized for binaural broadcast mixes at hybrid events alongside Mixhalo deployments,” concludes Dowson.

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