New Daktronics Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Line Targets AV Integrators

Published: August 23, 2018
Target Field is one location that has already adopted new Daktronics narrow pixel pitch LED line.

AV integrators have a lot of options when it comes to LED displays. Daktronics, known for its large-format LED video displays and high-impact digital scoreboards, is getting into the game with its new Daktronics narrow pixel pitch LED line which it says is targeted at AV integrators.

[related]The line includes solutions with pixel pitches of 1.2, 1.5, 1.9 and 2.5 millimeters.

Daktronics is positioning the new narrow pixel pitch LED line as an alternative to LCD technology and one that offers AV integrators an easy installation option.

‚ÄúTo capture a larger share of the growing high-resolution business,¬†we‚Äôve launched our¬†new¬†narrow¬†pixel¬†pitch¬†product¬†line¬†to meet the needs of our customers in¬†indoor applications,‚ÄĚ says¬†Daktronics¬†president and CEO Reece Kurtenbach.

‚ÄúThese products are the first from a broader initiative focused on¬†narrow¬†pixel¬†pitch¬†displays.¬†We‚Äôve¬†also invested in our manufacturing space to¬†simultaneously develop technologies for streamlined¬†production of this¬†new¬†generation¬†of¬†product,¬†showing our commitment to the future of this technology and what it provides for our customers.‚ÄĚ

More on Daktronics Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Line (from press release):

With this new generation, Daktronics has developed a patented module access tool for easier and service friendly installation.

The magnetic tool can be engaged and disengaged easily to preserve the integrity of the display face and LEDs during installation and service, a unique aspect of Daktronics technology which greatly reduces installation time and issues surrounding the initial display launch.

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Daktronics leveraged 20 years of experience with indoor LED video technology to create this new generation of product which brings higher brightness to ensure a crisp, vibrant image when installed in areas receiving more natural and ambient light. It also features improved reliability compared to current industry standards.

Target Field and South Dakota State University are two locations quick to jump on the new technology for their venues. Many more have looked to take advantage of the ultra-close viewing distances this product provides by implementing it in club spaces, concourses, mall atriums and other gathering spaces.

Assembly of the new product line from component level to final assembly, including any technical service or parts support, takes place in Brookings, South Dakota.s

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