Neoti Launches Complete Series All-in-One LED Display Bundles

Published: 2023-05-25

Neoti, the Fort Wayne, Ind.-based manufacturer of LED video displays, is now offering the Neoti Complete Series, an all-in-one bundle featuring easy-to-assemble LED displays, built-in controller and ADA-compliant mounting and trim systems.

Per the company, the new solution streamlines the purchase and installation process making it the ideal solution for AV integrators and end users who value both quality and ease of installation.

Neoti’s Complete Series offers simplicity without sacrificing quality, says the company; it is easy to understand, doesn’t have complicated mounting components and comes with a user-friendly guide that takes the guesswork out of self installation. Its enhanced image technology allows for improved grayscale and color performance making it the ideal choice for low brightness environments.

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“We’re totally committed to our customers, including ways to enhance their experience with our products,” says Derek Myers, Neoti CEO. “The Neoti Complete bundle is designed with mission-critical functionality at the core. This new offering is part of our ongoing journey to make our dvLED products more accessible to integrators and end users alike through affordable pricing and easy-to-install components.”

According to Neoti, its Complete Series bundles are now available for purchase in five panel dimension sizes ranging from 108-inch to 217-inch and includes both HD and 4K options.

Whether an integrator or end user, customers will receive training resources to support the self installation process. Neoti’s standard three-year product and workmanship warranty applies.

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