NSCA Compensation and Benefits Report Outlines How AV World Deals with Rising Business Costs

Published: 2019-10-15

The cost of doing business is going up and that’s forcing systems integrators to determine whether they want to pay those rising costs or find an alternate way to meet the needs of their employees, either through closing their doors or selling the firm to a larger company willing to take on the burden. [related]

To help offer some guidance on what AV integrators should be paying their employees and the types of benefits they should be offering them, NSCA recently released its 2019 Compensation & Benefits Report, which is based on data gathered from nearly 600 systems integrators across North America.

In its sixth iteration, the report “tracks and benchmarks compensation and benefits data for a variety of key positions within the industry, including technical, non-technical, and C-suite roles,” according to the association announcement.

Inside the NSCA Compensation & Benefits Report

The NSCA survey collected information on company background, staffing levels, employee benefits, compensation, travel reimbursement, and salary increases.


This survey data was used to develop the 2019 NSCA Compensation & Benefits Report, which is free to NSCA members.

“The overwhelming response to our recent Compensation & Benefits Survey reiterated the fact that this is a hot topic for integrators,” said NSCA executive director Chuck Wilson in the association announcement.

“Many integrators are having to offer higher wages and additional benefits and perks – which drives up the cost of doing business – to attract the talent they need. This new report will help integrators uncover wage trends, identify fluctuations in compensation, pinpoint employment trends and determine appropriate wage levels for employees,” he said.

The 2019 NSCA Compensation & Benefits Report also covers:

  • Staff levels (number of full-time and part-time employees)
  • Benefits offered (and associated costs), including health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, vision plans, disability, retirement, and bonuses
  • Compensation for 47 positions, ranging from the C-suite to HR, accounting, installation, design, purchasing, marketing, project management, and more
  • Ancillary compensation (bonuses) for sales, administrative, and project management professionals
  • Raises for different staff categories
  • Business travel reimbursement (mileage, cell phones, expense accounts, per diems, etc.)

“The 2019 Compensation & Benefits Report provides integrators with a valuable tool that allows them to compare business performance in relationship to an important asset: their people,” according to the NSCA announcement.

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