Leyard and Planar at InfoComm 2018: Leyard DirectLight X LED Video Wall System

Published: June 27, 2018
Leyard DirectLight X LED Video Wall System

Before InfoComm 2018 even began, Steve Seminario, Leyard and Planar’s VP of product management, knew the Leyard DirectLight X LED Video Wall System would be a big hit.

It was, and he discussed why during a video interview with CI.

Leyard DirectLight X LED Video Wall System Video Processing

[related]Leyard DirectLight X LED Video Wall, which Seminario calls the third generation of its fine-pitch LED video wall family, features an off-board video controller with video processing built right inside.

It includes Leyard WallDirector Software for simplifying video wall installation, monitoring and management.

“When we entered the LED video wall business we were a little bit shocked by how rudimentary the video processing was in these video walls — no scaling, no 4K sources, etc.” Seminario says.

“So we’ve been really trying to advance that and directly and DirectLight X really takes that a long way.”

More from the company on Leyard DirectLight X video processing:

Leyard DirectLight X comes with the Leyard® Video Controller, making it the first LED video wall system on the market to integrate a remote power supply and advanced video processing directly into the product.

Rack-mounted Leyard Video Controllers can scale to support nearly any size video wall, and allow for scaling, windowing and Picture-in-Picture to give customers flexibility as to how and where sources are displayed.

The Leyard Video Controller includes Planar® Big Picture Plus video wall processing, which can scale sources across the entire video wall or across sections of the video wall. It also incorporates Leyard® WallSync, providing precisely synchronized video playback and genlock across the video wall.

The Leyard Video Controller supports multiple 4K @ 60Hz inputs and the latest video standards including HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and HDCP 2.2. It provides a built-in video signal extension over CAT6 and optional fiber optic support for longer video runs and greater signal security.

Steve Seminario expects the Leyard DirectLight X scaling capabilities to turn integrators’ heads.

“It does quite a bit of scaling and processing, so you can have a single image of the entire video wall regardless of resolution and you can also scale that down in picture-in-picture multiple windows open,” he says.

“You can set these up at presets, recall the presets. It has a Web user interface, you can drag and drop sources right onto the canvas, and resize them to the user interface. It’s really full processing that’s just built into the system.”

Watch Seminario’s full interview with CI above.

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