Premier Mounts Launches LFC Line for Large Interactive and 4K Displays

Published: October 19, 2020

Premier Mounts today announced the launch of two new mounting solutions that support the largest LCD commercial display sizes.

The LFC line from Premier Mounts is “designed to take large sized interactive and 4K displays from room to room,” according to the company announcement.

“The current demand for large display technology to be mobile has risen tremendously as schools, universities, and corporate offices implement distance working and learning models to mitigate any potential COVID-19 infections,” the Premier Mounts announcement says.

Here are some of the Premier Mounts LFC heavy-duty mobile cart key features:

  • Mobile cart is designed to hold displays 80+ inches in size.
  • Supports the installation of heavy displays with a 300 lb. weight capacity.
  • Manual height adjustment allows for display to be set at intended viewing height.
  • Mobile nesting base allows for the easy storage and deployment of multiple units.
  • Packaged in one single carton for easy delivery to project site.
  • Easy strike and setup similar to traditional Premier Mounts dual-pole carts and stands.

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Premier Mounts is also releasing the LMVLF wall mounting solution. The LMVLF is an adaptation to one of Premier Mounts’ legacy products, the scissor Press and Release mount known as the LMV.

Here are some of the LMVLF heavy-duty wall mount key features:

  • LMVLF incorporates a heavy-duty pneumatic assist to ease the overall movement of opening and closing when paired with high weighted displays up to 300 lb.
  • Extends 20 inches from wall surface allowing for easy servicing to power and data.
  • Standard VESA pattern of 800×800 with 900×600 extension brackets available.
  • Post-leveling centralized adjustments fine-tune display for best viewing position.

“These solutions were built based on industry data that shows average screen sizes for commercial displays are growing exponentially year after year,” said Premier Mounts marketing director Curtis Rose in the company announcement.

“We at Premier Mounts have seen the demand increase for mounting solutions involving large-format displays and our products are built to last as more native 4K resolutions and interactive touchscreens begin making their way to market,” he said.

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