Stampede Launches XtraCare Program to Meet the Needs of Pro AV Industry

Published: May 14, 2020

Stampede today announced the launch of the Stampede XtraCare Program, an AV industry-specific relief program.


The Stampede XtraCare Program will “provide employees with much-needed extra protection and resellers with business relief and facilitation tools, as well as Personal Protective Equipment kits to enable them to complete projects in a safe and secure way,” the announcement says.


“Commercial AV is an essential infrastructure industry, as defined by the federal government, but the industry is being challenged on every front to remain viable in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Stampede president and CEO Kevin Kelly in the announcement. 


Stampede is making available to employees, resellers and manufacturer partners a comprehensive lifeline that includes SafeXSound Care Packages, a PROAVXchange online marketplace that can turn products into cash, and FleXFinancing.


“Taken as a whole, we believe that XtraCare is the most comprehensive health assurance, business relief and facilitation program ever developed for the pro AV industry — and it can’t come at a more critical time,” said Kelly in the Stampede announcement.


Stampede XtraCare: Safety and Health

Free SafeXSound Care Packages are now being shipped directly to every Stampede employee, said Kelly. Each package contains 3-ply surgical masks, hand sanitizer, powder-free gloves and the gift of audio, which will include a Bluetooth speaker or headphones.


SafeXSound Care Packages are now also being made available to Stampede resellers and manufacturer partners.


For every kit purchased by a partner, Stampede will ship an equal number of care packages to the healthcare community. Stampede is also donating N95 masks it secured from its global supplier partners to New York healthcare workers, said Kelly in the announcement.


“We are proud to be able to support these front-line professionals and will continue sourcing additional N95 masks for their use,” he said in the Stampede announcement.


Stampede has also created the PROAVXchange online auction hub, where resellers can turn slow-moving products into cash that is needed to operate their businesses.


“For many resellers, liquidity is the number one challenge they face after health and safety,” said Kelly in the Stampede announcement. “The PROAVXchange provides resellers with an opportunity to sell product for a price that is most likely greater than what a bank would offer.”


Stampede “is prepared to repurchase product directly from resellers on a case-by-case basis,” said Kelly.


Stampede is also working with all credit-worthy customers to roll out FleXFinancing that extends existing and future invoices payment terms by 30 days.


The company is also offering resellers a new AV as a Service plan that provides end users with a monthly payment option that enables them to upgrade to the most up-to-date technology in the future. Resellers will get paid in full upfront, said Kelly in the Stampede announcement.


Finally, Stampede is undertaking a review of all open projects and working with resellers to identify any changes that are required to meet their evolving needs through the FleXFinancing program.


“We are also working very closely with our resellers to restage product orders in order take advantage of immediate sales opportunities being created by the COVID-19 virus in verticals such as K12 education, higher education, healthcare and restaurant hospitality,” said Kelly.

“We are all in this fight together, and together we will prevail against the challenges this pandemic poses to every part of our industry. Stampede has never been positioned better to serve the needs of the entire industry,” he said in the company announcement.

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