Top 15 Corporate Market Integrators of 2015

Published: July 31, 2015

Welcome to the fourth annual celebration of some of this industry’s brightest companies, a collection of talent we refer to as the 2015 CI Industry Leaders.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 top corporate market integrators (because it is 2015 after all, last year the list was capped at 14), asked them to share a few secrets of their success and looked at how they’ve made it to the top of the industry (though keep in mind these listings are not revenue-based).

So check out what they have to say and click here to download the complete report: Meet the 2015 CI Industry Leaders.

Where do you see the industry heading in the upcoming year? What types of directions and trends are you seeing that integrators must respond to?

“As corporate culture continues to transform business operations away from traditional office spaces and into open architecture, the need for huddle rooms and collaboration spaces has grown significantly. Clients in 2015 demand fast, accessible and easy to use spaces that increase productivity and synergy among their teams.” —John Green, VP of sales and marketing, Advance Technology

“Standardization and simplification of room technology. Our ability to join with and work in harmony with client design and implementation teams. Post-sales expertise in the AV/IT implementation, experienced project management and technical service support are all capabilities required to implement technologies across global enterprises.” —Kristina Johnson, business development supervisor, Advance Technology

“Being able to execute on our promise to the customer. Success will be measured based upon our ability to plan, organize, and follow our protocols and processes.” —Jim Ford, president, Ford Audio-Video

“Clients are looking for collaboration areas that extend beyond their current four walls. They want to be able to collaborate despite the geographic location of the participants and regardless of time zones.” —John Mitton, VP of audio-visual group, Red Thread
“Our biggest opportunity comes within our initiative of lead generation from our marketing team — social media, events, SEO and educational outreach.” —Derek Paquin, Sensory Technologies

“The biggest opportunity is meshing consumer world products such as Skype, Google Docs, and mobile apps into professional AV systems. We need to stop worrying about selling high-end professional equipment when some of the consumer products are cost effective.” —Bill McIntosh, president, Synergy Media Group

“Our biggest opportunity comes with corporate clients who have adopted a culture of healthier work/life balance. Remote working, software-based conferencing options, employee amenities, AV-enhanced fitness centers and cafes, and ad hoc collaboration rooms or huddle rooms are all important.” —Theresa Hahn, VP of marketing and business development, Verrex

“Our biggest opportunities in 2015 are in standardizing solutions across large enterprise customers, especially at a global level. Cloud solutions are still very relevant and growing in interest, and we deliver many options through the industry market leaders.” —Doug Hall, CEO, Whitlock

“Customers are demanding a consistent IT-centric room solution that is easy to use and just works. We have partnered with large IT firms such as Cisco, IBM, KBZ, Ingram Micro and Presidio to develop and distribute these solutions. Our biggest challenge will be managing the growth created by this strategy.” —Jay McArdle, CIO, Zdi

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