VersaLight Modular LEDs Round Out Leyard and Planar’s Video Wall Arsenal

Published: 2018-02-05

There’s no questioning Leyard and Planar’s authoritative role in the fine-pixel pitch LED video wall market. Its new Leyard VersaLight Series of modular LED displays, which is designed for digital signage, aims to broaden that authority.

[related]The VersaLight Series of indoor and outdoor LED digital signage displays comes in a variety of pixel pitches from 2.5 to 8 millimeters and reflects a strategic move for Leyard and Planar.

“Where Leyard has been really strong from the beginning was fine pitch,” says Steve Seminario, VP of product marketing, Leyard and Planar.

He goes on to point out that globally the narrow pitch LED video wall space is about $700,000. The rest of the video wall space “is maybe twice that.”

There is significant and growing demand for video wall solutions in applications with longer viewing distances, in public spaces, outdoors, in sports arenas and for large atriums spaces in which the wall is far enough away that fine-pixel isn’t needed.

“The ambition for Leyard is we really want to go after the whole market and we certainly have the capabilities,” says Steve Seminario, VP of product marketing.

“The ambition for Leyard is we really want to go after the whole market and we certainly have the capabilities, so with Versalight we’re really starting to modernize our product line from the standard pitch products,” Seminario says.

The VersaLight Series, he adds, allows Leyard and Planar to “address that big segment of the market.”

Attendees of ISE 2018 can check out the VersaLight Series of indoor and outdoor modular LED digital signage displays in person at Leyard and Planar’s stand 12-H80.

Key features of the VersaLight Series from press release:

  • Highly versatile designs: Leyard VersaLight Series displays are 240 millimeters wide by 480 millimeters tall (9.4 inches x 18.9 inches), offering a compact design that can be tailored to a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. The interlocking die-cast aluminum mounts are available in one-by-one (1×1) and two-by-two (2×2) configurations, making it possible to build video walls of nearly any shape and size.
  • Flexible mounting options: The Leyard VersaLight Series offers a wide range of mounting options, allowing for video walls to be hung, mounted to the wall or ceiling, stacked above the floor or mounted directly to customized frames. Optional quick-lock hardware is also available for fast-up, fast-down installations. Each Leyard VersaLight Series cabinet is a self-contained unit that can be combined into large video walls or used individually in space-constrained spaces.
  • Stunning picture quality: The Leyard VersaLight Series is offered in indoor configurations of 2.5, 4 and 6 millimeter pixel pitches and outdoor configurations of 4, 6 and 8 millimeter pitches. The product also offers excellent brightness and black levels for high ambient light environments.
  • Reliable 24×7 performance and status monitoring: The Leyard VersaLight Series is designed to support 24×7 operation and employs a fast, modular service capability. The series makes it possible to monitor the health status of all video wall components from a central location—automatically identifying non-functioning displays, power supplies and electronics in real time so customers can proactively troubleshoot their video walls and take corrective action.
  • Front access installation and service: The Leyard VersaLight Series can be installed and serviced from the front, eliminating the need for rear access, freeing up valuable space and simplifying maintenance.

The Leyard VersaLight Series will begin shipping in Spring 2018, according to Leyard and Planar.

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