Why NEC Display Laser Projector Upgrades are Ideal for Conferencing, Higher Education

Published: 2018-12-10

With upgrades to two of its popular laser projector models, NEC Display Solutions announces solutions that it says are even more suited for both corporate conferencing and higher education applications – the NEC Display P525WL and P525UL.

Calling the two new NEC Display laser projectors the only filter-free, no-maintenance LCD projectors on the market, NEC says both provide integrators with options for their customers that offer flexibility and affordability where high-quality images are needed.

  • The P525WL replaces NEC’s P502WL-2.
  • The P525UL replaces NEC’s P502HL-2.

For each new model, the imaging unit has been changed from DLP to LCD technology, according to NEC Display Solutions.

NEC Display P525WL and P525UL: Fit for Corporate Conferencing

[related]Both new projectors offer specific appeal for corporate customers, says Ryan Pitterle, product manager, NEC Display Solutions.

“Corporate customers can utilize the new P525UL Series 4K compatibility,” he tells CI. “With higher resolution video needs becoming more commonplace it is important to have a display device that supports 4K.”

Pitterle adds in a press release that the new NEC Display laser projectors “deliver brilliant colors, and NEC’s original sealed optical technology introduces a significant advancement, eliminating the need for a filter in LCD-based projectors.”

As popular as the P502WL-2 and P502HL-2 models were, he adds in the press release, evolving needs dictated the upgrade.

“The P502WL-2 and P502HL-2 have been very successful, but we’ve seized the opportunity to combine LCD technology along with our unique cooling system to improve color performance for our customers — while maintaining the maintenance-free operation they want.”

As for the color quality that is increasingly in demand for corporate conferencing applications, the NEC Display P525WL and P525UL feature 5,200 center lumens.

Both provide clear, dynamic images in high-ambient light conditions, the company adds in the press release.

NEC Display P525WL and P525UL: Fit for Higher Education Applications

There are a lot of factors at play for higher education customers when choosing technology, including a projector, and a big one is the amount of labor required to maintain the technology post-installation.

“Higher education prioritizes low maintenance display solutions,” Pitterle tells CI.

“Higher education prioritizes low maintenance display solutions,” Pitterle tells CI.

“These filter-free, truly maintenance free laser projectors lower total cost of ownership and the five-year warranty provides the support needed for a reliable long term investment.”

The laser light source offers a minimum of 20,000 hours of reliable life, which lowers total cost of ownership and reduces maintenance, according to the press release.

It adds that by utilizing Constant Brightness mode, the P525WL and P525UL are capable of delivering consistent-looking images for the life of the projector.

Additionally, these 4K-ready NEC Display laser projectors support UHD signals, while WXGA and WUXGA native resolutions produce impressive high-definition images.

All Customers Want Low Cost of Ownership

Higher ed customers aren’t alone in requiring low-maintenance and low cost of ownership. It only makes sense.

“The five-year warranty with Instacare ensure a reliable long term solution with no additional costs,” Pitterle tells CI.

“The laser light source provides at least 20,000 hours of life and the filter free design eliminates the need for recurring maintenance,” Pitterle tells CI.

“The five-year warranty with Instacare ensure a reliable long term solution with no additional costs.”

The press release adds that the P525WL and P525UL both offer a unique combination of installation series features at a low cost, including manual horizontal and vertical lens shift, 1.6x zoom lens and HDBaseT input.

Quick start-up and shut-down ease operations for users, and the projectors’ quiet operation enables distraction-free presentations.

Meanwhile, both models offer advanced networking capability and improved wireless collaboration capability.

They feature:

  • Dual HDMI for seamless switching between Blu-ray, computer or other digital sources
  • USB with 2.0A support for powering third-party devices
  • LAN port for network control and asset management
  • Optional Wireless Module (NP05LM1) with MultiPresenter capability for up to 16 simultaneous connections

NEC Display says the two new NEC Display laser projectors will begin shipping in January at a minimum advertised price of $2,299 (P525WL) and $3,099 (P525UL).

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