Xyte Introduces Connect+, A Unified Environment for Connectivity & Collaboration

Published: January 12, 2023

Xyte announced the launch of another feature in the company’s first-of-its-kind Connected Device Management Platform (CDMP): Connect+. This is new flow enables manufacturers, alongside channel partners, to develop and provide new digital products and services to end users.

Xyte’s CDMP is a suite of cloud-based tools that allows equipment and device manufacturers across different industries to cloudify, service, support and commercialize their connected devices, all in one place. The platform thus bridges the gap between devices and the cloud. In so doing, it enables manufacturers and their channel partners to leverage the as-a-Service business model and develop sustainable customer relationships.

The Tel Aviv, Israel-based company notes that it is committed to supporting manufacturers in enhancing their offerings and improving the customer experience. With the addition of Connect+, available to all Xyte customers, vendors on the platform can offer their products alongside a steadily growing selection of cloud-service providers. They can also create bundles of physical products, digital products and subscriptions. With this, manufacturers and service providers can boost sales opportunities and expand their reach to a broader audience, the company states.

“Nowadays, products of all types require cloud technologies that allow easy access to purchasing options, flexibility to scale, and a complete monitoring system to improve management and create experiences that connect with customers’ needs.” says Omer Brookstein, Xyte’s CEO. “Connect+ is a core element that aligns with the fundamental goal of our CDMP: to provide an all-in-one platform enabling manufacturers, channel partners and end users to increase their business success in a continuously shifting market, in a mutually beneficial manner.”

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In Pursuit of Efficiency

Connect+ simplifies the user experience of IT professionals overseeing numerous vendors. It does so by eliminating the need to access multiple platforms to manage devices. It also allows for centralized access to and monitoring of all devices, better control, one-touch access to new products and updates. Connect+ facilitates faster communication with vendors and channel partners. Additionally, it provides end users with the comfort of a single place to claim, manage and monitor their complete range of devices and cloud services.

“As a busy professional, I always look for ways to streamline my work. Connect+ has delivered on that front. The convenience of managing my extensive fleet of devices from known brands and baking in my own custom products on one platform is unbeatable,” says Mark Ridgwell, senior multimedia technology consultant at Rebar Systems. “With the comprehensive cloud-based feature set of its CDMP, Xyte truly offers all the tools I need to monitor and manage my devices efficiently.”

Xyte and Volvo ISE Tech TalkConnect+ joins the catalog of other new additions to Xyte’s CDMP. This includes a new field operations mobile app allowing users to easily claim devices using QR codes, a completely new Support Center, an intuitive-device view, and more. Xyte adds that it will demonstrate all its new platform features and capabilities at ISE 2023 in Barcelona.

The company will also hold an ISE Tech Talk with Volvo Group Digital and IT. Together, they will discuss the growing as-a-Service trend, the opportunities of generating new revenue streams based on as-a-Service business models, and how manufacturers and system integrators can maximize the potential and overcome challenges related to this business transformation. Xyte also launched a code to visit ISE for free: CMPMLM9Y.

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