Bingo Betters Bid with NanoLumens Nixels at Palace Station Casino

Published: August 15, 2017

Rolls of the dice, shuffles of the cards, and pulls of the slot arms are the most-envisioned activities inside casinos — but shouts of “bingo!” also bustle from betters at Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas. The establishment recently renovated its property, and as part of that renovation decided to feature large digital displays in its new Bingo Room.

“Our casinos are the entertainment destination of choice in Las Vegas and we’re always committed to bringing exciting new amenities and offerings to our guests,” says Lori Nelson, spokesperson for Palace Station Casinos.

As the integrators National Technology Associates explain it: the need for large, reliable, bright HD display solutions in a fairly public space meant that the NanoLumens‘ Nixel Series display was the best choice for outside the bingo room.


Inside National Technology Associates’ Solution at the Palace Station Casino

All Nixel Series displays are comprised of small proprietary squares of NanoLumens Nixels that can be combined to form displays in any desired size, shape or curvature. Because Nixel Series displays are front-serviceable, casino owners have peace of mind knowing that their displays will work for years to come and can be repaired quickly should they be damaged. Every NanoLumens Nixel Series display comes backed with NanoLumens’ six-year warranty.

Casino guests simply cannot ignore the messaging on the bright, crystal clear 1.5-foot tall curved NanoLumens Nixel Series display that stretches 56 feet – all the way around the room’s entrance, according to National Technology Associates.

The solution displays promotional messages and bingo bonuses to draw people into the room. Once players enter the bingo room, the action centers around a massive 15.75-foot wide, 9.45-foot tall 1080p NanoLumens Engage Series display, which presents the bingo board and new numbers as they’re pulled.

The room’s main 15.75-foot by 9.45-foot Engage Series display features a 2.5mm pixel pitch to display a full 1080p picture that ensures clear visibility for every player. The room’s exterior 1.5-foot by 56-foot curved Nixel Series display utilizes a 4mm pixel pitch that is ideal for distant, overhead viewing, meant to attract people to the room and get them excited about timely bingo bonuses and events.

The Solution’s Impact on Bingo Betting at the Palace Station Casino

According to the integrators, the displays dominate the room and the area outside of the room, adding vibrancy and excitement, whether guests are inside playing bingo or just passing by on the casino floor.

“Bingo is one of Station Casino’s most popular games among its guests, and Palace Station’s new bingo room has raised the bar for the industry,” says Nevin Edwards, Senior Project Manager at National Technology Associates.

“Casino floors are all about flash and attention-grabbing, and NanoLumens’ displays are known for stopping people in their tracks. The launch of this new bingo room, along with the one at Santa Fe Station, is making bingo even more popular than ever before. It’s an easy, fun and inexpensive game that anybody can enjoy,” says NanoLumens Vice President of Sales Dave Merlino. “Our displays, combined with Palace Station’s graphics, are the perfect way to draw new players into the room. We’re excited to continue working with Station Casinos and National Technology Associates to increase customer engagement and drive new revenues.”

National Technology Associates’ Equipment Highlights

NanoLumens 2.5mm pixel pitch 15.75’ x 9.45’ Engage Series display

NanoLumens 4mm pixel pitch 1.5’ x 56’ curved Nixel Series display

This article originally debuted on our sister publication, TechDecisions.

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