New Mediasite Mosaic Delivers One-Click Video Capture for Distance Learning and Remote Work

Manage and upload collaborative recordings from Zoom, Teams and other video and web conference systems in addition to creating video communications

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New Mediasite Mosaic Delivers One-Click Video Capture for Distance Learning and Remote Work

Mediasite launched its powerful new one-click video capture tool, Mediasite Mosaic, at InfoComm 2020 Connected this week.

This lightweight, cross-platform app enables teachers, students, trainers and remote workers to have a video studio at their fingertips and manage recordings from web conferencing tools. This is one of many new enhancements to Mediasite’s suite of award-winning video capture solutions.

“Mediasite Mosaic is an essential tool for schools and organizations in this new digital-first reality, allowing anyone to instantly communicate effectively with video,” said Michael Norregaard, CEO, Sonic Foundry, the maker of Mediasite. “Schools from primary to collegiate levels are strategically planning for a fall semester and beyond that likely combines both distance learning and socially-distanced classrooms. At the same time, organizations continue to navigate how to keep remote employees connected. They need tools that can easily capture and share the valuable teaching, learning and training happening across distances, and we are excited they can use Mediasite Mosaic to achieve their goals.”

More than 1,500 users are already creating content with Mediasite Mosaic on macOS Catalina, contributing to the massive year-over year increase of Mediasite. Since the start of social distancing and quarantine in March, the usage increase includes:

  • 123 percent increase in videos created
  • 109 percent increase in live sessions
  • 83 percent increase in views

One-click recording

The app, when combined with My Mediasite, allows users to create great-looking videos and screencasts with just one click. With their Macs or PCs and built-in or external microphones and cameras, they can capture video communications, lectures, assignments, trainings and more. Plus, they can add additional media, links, quizzing and other engagement features to their videos to enhance and personalize their content.

With Mediasite Mosaic, users can:

  • Record their display, camera and microphone simultaneously and create a multi-track video presentation to upload to My Mediasite
  • Record online or offline and upload anytime
  • Record video and audio from built-in or USB cameras, microphones and other Bluetooth devices
  • Preview video before, during or after recording
  • Monitor audio levels
  • Display the app in light or dark mode

Manage Zoom and collaborative recordings

Mediasite Mosaic is more than just video capture. It’s a robust tool to manage content created with other systems, too. As everyone communicates from their home offices around the world, they’re using different tools to stay connected – Mediasite, Zoom, WebEx, Teams, LMSs, etc. Mosaic monitors when new content is being created locally on a user’s device, giving them the option to automatically upload their meeting recordings, corporate communications, trainings and classroom discussions created with other tools to Mediasite.

This allows users to manage all of their valuable videos in one secure, searchable place and extends the full functionality of Mediasite to all their content – accessibility tools like closed captioning and transcription capabilities, robust search, video and caption editing tools, anytime and anywhere publishing, interactivity options to track viewer engagement and back-end analytics.

The easy video capture capabilities of Mediasite Mosaic combined with its ability to upload and manage conference calls will enable even more collaboration at schools and organizations like Dell, which has been using Mediasite’s personal capture software to power its private, secure video channel, DellTV.

“Mediasite lets employees from around the world create and search videos and stay connected. It’s exciting to think about how the new Mediasite Mosaic app could help us create videos even faster,” said Lawrence Grafton, DellTV creator, Dell. “Mediasite enables employees from wherever they are, especially right now as we’re all working remotely, to continue communicating with video. They’re creating videos right from their personal devices and sharing them in easily searchable catalogues, all using Mediasite. Our sales team is talking to marketing, engineering is collaborating with the training department, and everyone from individual team leads to company executives are excited to hit record and connect with each other. The silver lining right now is that people are getting comfortable with using video and we expect use to continue to grow.”

Mediasite Mosaic is available now in the Mac App Store and will be available in the Microsoft Store in time to be up and running for the fall semester. Learn more at and in a webcast, Introducing Mediasite’s New Capture App, at 1 pm Central on Friday. Register at

Scale video initiatives quickly

Mediasite is also unveiling updates to its suite of video capture appliances at InfoComm 2020 Connected. The updates, available this summer, will help users scale their video initiatives quickly and cost-effectively by reducing storage and bandwidth requirements while improving quality. Increased efficiency of encoding allows users to increase video quality while drastically reducing the size of the files. Smaller file sizes also allows users to upload videos quicker and viewers to play them back faster, a critical component to video communications in this new digital-first reality.

Trusted by 5,200 educational institutions, corporations, health organizations and government entities in 65 countries, the Mediasite video content management and webcasting system quickly and cost-effectively automates the capture, management, delivery and search of live and on-demand videos.

Integration with Zoom for Hybrid Learning

Mediasite also announced an advanced integration with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to make it easier than ever before to deliver hybrid learning to students this fall.

“Web and video conference systems like Zoom are being used prolifically by schools from primary to collegiate levels to facilitate the new normal for teaching and learning,” said Elizabeth Collins, SVP of Sonic Foundry, maker of Mediasite. “The coming academic year will include an essential mix of flipped lectures and real-time discussions delivered live with video technology like Mediasite and collaborative conferencing tools. Mediasite recognizes that the market dynamics are rapidly changing in this new world, and we are committed to evolving and innovating to meet the ever-changing needs. The latest Mediasite-Zoom integration gives users more ubiquitous ability to record content, schedule recordings and decide what content will most benefit from the full functionality of being uploaded into Mediasite.”

Scale video use with more administrative functionality

Schools are creating massive amounts of educational videos. However, not every meeting needs to be recorded. The advanced integration, which expands on Mediasite’s already popular Zoom Marketplace App, allows for a more seamless and automated workflow between Zoom, Mediasite and a school’s LMS.

The latest integration creates the following, streamlined workflow for hybrid learning:

  • The Zoom meeting is scheduled, and the instructor decides whether it should be sent to Mediasite. The instructor also has the option to tag it with the appropriate LMS course.
  • Instructors and students meet in person and via Zoom for live lectures and/or collaborative discussions.
  • The Zoom recordings are automatically uploaded into the appropriate course folder in Mediasite alongside their other valuable videos. Mediasite distributes the lecture to students directly in their LMS where they are most comfortable.
  • Any captions created by Zoom will automatically be migrated to Mediasite allowing your imported video to be accessible to students.

This allows all video content to be managed in one secure and searchable place in Mediasite. Plus, the Zoom recordings benefit from the full functionality of Mediasite – accessibility tools like closed captioning and transcription capabilities, robust search, video and caption editing tools, anytime and anywhere publishing, interactivity options to track viewer engagement and back-end analytics.

Look for this latest Mediasite-Zoom integration in time to be up and running for the fall semester. Stay tuned for more announcements to come, additional enhancements are in design for later in the year.

Mediasite is a highly-automated and integrated video platform that facilitates hybrid learning in this new digital-first world. Trusted by 1,700 schools in 65 countries, Mediasite quickly and cost-effectively scales the capture, management, delivery and search of live and on-demand streaming videos. Mediasite’s solutions create the most engaging, data-rich and personalized learning experiences possible as students and instructors collaborate from a distance.

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