Barco on its Versatile Videowall Solutions

Published: April 14, 2022

The global videowall market exhibited strong growth between 2015-2020, and it’s expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% over the forecast period (2021-2026). Whether in control rooms, workplaces or broadcast studios, audiences and end users expect immersive, high-fidelity experiences.

Barco’s large videowalls are tailored to accommodate any business or experiential need, unlocking new avenues to inform, instruct and inspire audiences.

Our continued R&D investments (~11% – 12% of turnover) in high-quality videowall solutions have enabled us to meet evolving customer needs and take a unique position in the videowall market as one of the few suppliers of all videowall display technologies (RCP, LED and LCD). 

As an end-to-end solutions provider, Barco supplies the software, hardware and service support to keep displays operating at the highest level of quality. Barco has been building control room visualization and collaboration solutions since 1994 for a variety of industries.

Today, we are still the number-one choice for control room professionals who want to stay on top of their situational awareness. Customers across the world also entrust Barco’s videowalls with creating stand-out collaborative workplace environments to elevate brand identity, as well as to captivate audiences in television studios. 

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