How Neoti is Bringing Color Precision to Digital Signage

Published: November 2, 2023
Logo courtesy of Neoti.

In recent years, digital signage has become a ubiquitous fixture in our daily lives. From advertising screens in shopping centers to information displays in airports and train stations, digital signage is increasingly used to deliver messages to a diverse audience. Nevertheless, one of the persistent challenges in digital signage has been maintaining color accuracy across varying brightness levels. The good news is that Neoti, the Fort Wayne, Ind.-based manufacturer of LED video displays, is working on addressing this color-precision problem.

In this video interview, Derek Myers, CEO of Neoti, explains how the company is working on this with Dan Ferrisi, group editor, commercial and security, Emerald. Myers notes the challenge of matching brand colors, such as Coca Cola red and John Deere green in digital displays. With color space calibration, Neoti is working to ensure that colors are reproduced accurately across different types of displays.

This conversation stems from CI’s Digital Signage Deep Dive report, which launched this month online. In addition, it appears in the November/December print edition of Commercial Integrator + Security Sales & Integration. In the Deep Dive report and here, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of emerging trends, drawing on the thought leadership of category leaders.

To watch the full, just-under-seven-minute video Q&A with Myers, check out the embedded interview below.

During the conversation, Myers and Ferrisi touch on several key points on the immense potential and recent advancements in the digital signage industry. They include the following:

  • The issue of color accuracy in digital signage and how Neoti is working to address this issue by developing technologies that maintain color precision across different brightness levels.
  • How the Sphere in Las Vegas exemplifies great potential for digital signage in the industry. Thus, as new facilities are constructed, there will be a need for sophisticated messaging systems that can deliver targeted and engaging content.

Learn more about Neoti by visiting and following them on Linkedin for the latest developments in LED display technology.

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