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SDVoE Alliance Unveils Founding Members Representing Diverse Group

6 founding members of SDVoE include makers of projectors, AV distribution, chipsets and one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers.

People & Places: HB Communications Partners with Ramp, Enhances Video Strategy

CI takes a look at the latest news in the industry: HB Communications partners with Ramp, Skywalker AV Supply adds Peerless-AV to its mix, AVAD announces new director of commercial sales and new VP of operations, and more.

New SDVoE Alliance Reveals at Least One Member: AptoVision

Justin Kennington, strategic and technical marketing director at AptoVision, will teach an Integrated Systems Europe 2017 session on SDVoE with NETGEAR’s Laurent Masia.

AptoVision Expands BlueRiver NT+ Series of AV-over-IP Chipsets

BlueRiver NT+ 4K AV-over-IP series enables configurations to satisfy variety of applications.

Here’s the Answer to Truly Converging AV/IT Networks

In order to truly converge AV and IT networks, the capacity of the data network needs to be upgraded. 10 Gbps infrastructure is the solution.

Distributing 4K/UHD Signals: What do the Numbers Mean, and Why do They Matter?

A look at why 4:4:4 matters in certain 4K video distribution setups, especially commercial applications, and why it doesn’t matter in other situations.

AptoVision Looks to Displace HDBaseT

AptoVision looks to position BlueRiver NT+ chipset as sole solution for switching and long distance distribution of HDR content.

AptoVision Puts 4K Streaming Codecs to the Test at InfoComm 2016

The chipset maker conducts interactive, head-to-head demonstrations of several widely-adopted codecs at InfoComm 2016, including AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT+ technology.

AptoVision Appoints Justin Kennington Director of Strategic and Technical Marketing

Former technology manager of Crestron DigitalMedia tapped to drive commercialization of chipset-maker AptoVision’s BlueRiver A/V over IP technology

Aurora Multimedia Coins IPBaseT, Allows Various IP/AV Standards to Work Together as One

System designs incorporating IPBaseT technology don’t require a matrix switch at all, but only a 10-gig IP switch with enough ports to support the amount of sources and destinations.