Person using Chromecast on phone to cast to a Philips tv.

PPDS to Continue Chromecast Built-In Feature on all Philips MediaSuite TVs

PPDS confirms commitment to Chromecast built-in wireless streaming on all Google certified, current and future Philips MediaSuite TV models.

Google Hybrid Work

Google’s Chrome OS Flex Can Be Used For Digital Signage, Kiosks

Google says Chrome OS Flex can be used to deploy a cloud-first OS on purpose-built hardware for kiosks or digital signage.

December Microsoft Patches

Prioritize These December Microsoft Patches

As if Log4j wasn’t enough, Microsoft issues patches for several critical remote code execution vulnerabilities this month.

cybersecurity threats

Remote Work and the Future of Cybersecurity Threats

Companies will have to prepare for the hybrid work model and the cybersecurity threats that will come with it.

Google Project Starline

Google Is Testing New 3D Videoconferencing Technology

Google’s Project Starline combines computer vision, machine learning, spatial audio, compression, sensors and high-res cameras.

Google Hybrid Work

Supreme Court Says Google’s Use Of Sun Java API Was Fair Use

The Supreme Court’s ruling that Google did not violate copyright laws could help accelerate the tech industry’s open source movement.

Google meet

Don’t Sleep On Google Meet

Google and its videoconferencing service Google Meet has a dominant presence in the K-12 education space that could bleed into the enterprise.

Google v. Oracle Pro AV

Could The Google v. Oracle Ruling Impact Pro AV?

The Supreme Court has taken up the Google v. Oracle case, and a decision could have a profound impact on the tech industry – including pro AV.

Google Hybrid Work

Google Career Certificates Are the Latest Example of Focus on Skills Over Degrees

Shift by large tech companies to thinking about employee skills rather than their prowess in the classroom is an important development.

Google Hybrid Work

Google: AI System Analyzes Prostate Cancer Samples with 72% Accuracy

Google AI system is able to identify the signs of prostate cancer. With artificial intelligence quickly progressing, what’s next in pro AV to be automated?