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AV Integration Firms, Your Competitors Are Getting Bigger

AV integration firms consolidation has led to AVI-SPL and Diversified approaching $1B revenue and fewer (but larger) competitors. How does this affect go-to-market strategy?

14 Tech Business ‘Realities’ You Might Vehemently Dispute

Lack of standards diminishes credibility. Unfriendly manufacturer distribution policies. Futile future-proofing. These are just some of the frank topics during a 2016 CI Summit panel discussion.

CI 40 Under 40 Offers Fresh Perspectives at CI Summit

Lively session features ‘young’ vs. ‘old’ talking about important issues and hashing out how each group can help each other succeed.

The Little 4-Letter Word Your Customers Want Most

Awareness of the Internet of Things and its potential to track information on just about everything has customers actually excited about and clamoring for data.

Top 20 Higher Ed Market Integrators of 2016

These innovative, market-leading firms offer advice on how to stay at the forefront of this sophisticated vertical.

InfoComm Extends Relationship with Columbia College

AV design course helps expose youngsters to industry, could be expanded to other schools in future.

Plight of an Invisible Industry: Battle to Recruit Students Who Don’t Know AV

AV integration has ‘a serious industry problem’ in that appealing, tech-educated students have no idea it exists. The search is on for the next generation of industry talent.

Video Weekly News: The Rare College Class on AV Integration

A Columbia College class on AV integration is tackling the industry’s struggle to recruit new talent.

Inside a College Class on AV Integration

We explore a rare college course focused on AV integration, co-created and taught by integration firm Zdi’s Jeremy Caldera.

23 Integrators Pledge to Tackle These Challenges They Expect to Face in 2016

Industry Leaders know there’s always more work to be done to stay on top. Here, they talk about how they’ll deal with 23 inevitable struggles that come their way in 2016.