Atlona: AV-over-IP Goes Way Beyond Distribution

Published: July 30, 2019
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One of our points of analysis with the Commercial Integrator “Deep Dive” on AV-over-IP is that, while the industry seems to have danced around the topic with enthusiasm over the past few years, it really seems to have reached an adoption inflection point in 2019. Atlona, however, takes the point even further in a video interview.

Based on Commercial Integrator’s survey, about 80% of integrators are more-or-less ready to embrace AV-over-IP as a distribution solution for their customers. But it’s not just that AV-over-IP is being more consistently adopted, points out Atlona director of product management David Shamir; it’s also that AV-over-IP is being more thoroughly adopted within customers’ organizations.

AV-over-IP Isn’t Just for AV Distribution

[related]Atlona is seeing AV-over-IP being adopted in just about every AV use case within deployments, Shamir says in a Commercial integrator video interview.

“What we see from our side of the fence is that more and more system integrators, consultants and AV administrators in various organization types are looking to standardize the technology in their organization to one type of solution,” he says.

Indeed, they’re often choosing AV-over-IP for their distribution solution. The customer organization, meanwhile, likes the idea of using the same technology within their executive conference room, smaller meeting rooms, huddle spaces and open office environments.

AV-over-IP and Standardization

“They want to standardize everything on one technology and they’re picking AV-over-IP,” in part, because they see the benefit of it in the realm of AV distribution, Shamir says. Meanwhile, they want to see the same benefits with other applications.

“We see more and more of the same pattern repeat itself in various areas,” he says. “Not only in the U.S., by the way, but also in the rest of the world.”

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