Biamp’s Cambridge Sound Management QtPRO Won a CI BEST Award: Here’s Why

Published: 2019-07-24

It was only about six months ago that Biamp acquired soundmasking provider Cambridge Sound Management – and it’s already paying off in the form of award-winning products. During InfoComm 2019, Biamp’s Cambridge Sound Management QtPRO direct-field sound masking system was rewarded with a 2019 CI BEST Award in the Acoustical Treatments category.

The Cambridge Sound Management QtPRO is the most popular direct-field sound masking system available on the market, according to Biamp. It uniformly disperses a pre-tuned signal directly from the ceiling into a workspace, resulting in consistent, comfortable ambient sound throughout. Consisting of the Qt emitter and a control module, the system only requires standard category cables for connection.

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More on Biamp’s Cambridge Sound Management QtPRO

David Sholkovitz, VP of marketing at Cambridge Sound Management/Biamp Systems describes QtPRO as protecting speech privacy, reducing noise distractions and improving office comfort.

“We have over 30,000 customers around the world that use [Cambridge Sound Management] product,” he says. “What’s different about the QtPRO system is that it’s the only patented direct-field soundmasking system on the market.”

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The reason that matters for customers, Sholkovitz adds, is that it offers a “very uniformed distribution” of soundmasking sound and very even distribution throughout a facility by putting the products in the ceiling in a grid. “They’re downward facing which means we’re filling the environment with our sound masking system which helps cover up human speech and makes the office more comfortable and private for workers.”

Being able to add solutions such as Cambridge Sound Management’s QtPRO to the Biamp portfolio has been significant, says Biamp VP or corporate development Joe Andrulis. “We are committed to providing comprehensive, end-to-end AV solutions for spaces of every size,” said Biamp’s Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Joe Andrulis.

Watch as Biamp’s David Sholkovitz discusses the Cambridge Sound Management QtPRO (above)


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