BZBGEAR on Product Developments, Ambitious Growth Plans

Published: April 7, 2023

Here, Commercial Integrator presents an exclusive interview with Chris Graham, director of sales and business development, BZBGear. He chats with Dan Ferrisi, CI’s editor-in-chief, about BZBGear’s technology innovations, trade-show schedule and global growth plans. The company is, of course, very much one that is at the forefront of industry conversations. In fact, earlier this year, BZBGEAR earned a Top New Technology (TNT) Award at ISE 2023 for its BG-8K-88MA matrix switcher.

Check out the full, six-minute video Q&A, which is embedded below. A lightly edited transcript follows below.

Commercial Integrator: What are BZBGEAR’s tech plans for 2023 with regard to software and hardware?

Chris Graham: As always, we continue to innovate and create amazing products. We are very proud to have received the Top New Technology award at ISE 2023 for our new 8K matrix switcher. Every single day, our goal is to create the best-quality products possible, and that’s not going to be any different for 2023 or 2024.

For 2023, a lot of folks know we have our BG-ADAMO-4K, our AI auto-tracking camera. However, there was a big demand for a 1080p version of this camera. So, we’re excited we’re going to be releasing in May or June our BG-ADAMO-JR 1080p version of the 4K. It’s going to have all of the same features, like tally lights. It’s going to have auto-tracking. And, of course, an amazing image and great motor. We’re honored these two cameras won awards at ISE as well!

We also have a series of 4K matrix switchers coming out. We have everything from our BG-4K-VP44 to the BG-4K-VP88. These are basically amazing matrix switchers that also support video walls and multiview. And we have our AV-over-IP coming out. We also have control apps. We continue to support our hardware with our control programs and apps.

Commercial Integrator: Discuss BZBGEAR’S 2023 trade-show lineup, including past and upcoming shows.

Graham: Of course, we have this posted up on our LinkedIn page, Facebook…all the dates coming out to the future. We have a huge assortment of trade shows and expos we’ll be exhibiting at, including everything from the HIMSS show, which is a medical show, to houses of worship with CLF. And, of course, we’re visiting some of our partners for their private shows. The big one is NAB. My team will be there; unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it. But we will have everyone else there to help answer questions and give demonstrations. And we can’t forget about InfoComm, right? InfoComm is going to be huge this year in Orlando, Fla. We’re really excited about that. So, we have a super-busy schedule for the spring and beginning of summer.

And then, of course, it just continues on later in the year. We’ll be going to Amsterdam again for IBC. And, of course, the ISE show in Barcelona early next year. It’s been a great overall presence there for us because it seems like the folks in Europe really, really dig our products. They’re super happy with the quality and functionality. We’ve been bringing on new partners recently. So, we’re super excited to go back to Europe later down the line.

Commercial Integrator: Discuss BZBGEAR’s expansion plans regarding both international growth and growth within the company.

Graham: The growth rate for us is exceptional. That’s how our CEO, Eugene Bocharov, looks at things: He’s constantly trying to predict the future, so to speak. And, so far, he’s been really good at it. We work as a team to come up with the best plan. But, yes, we are expanding both internationally and nationally. We have some great new partners we’ve been working with in the United States, and more to come for international.

Currently, we’ve been bridging a lot of gaps internationally. We’re talking to a fair number of European distribution companies about helping us get our products to Europe. There’s a lot of folks out there who are interested. We understand this, and, so, we continue to push forward. And, so far, all our conversations with these new friends of ours — these new partners — are going amazingly. They really like our products; they really like our attitude.

Again, the attitude, to us, is everything. You know, you can have a great product, but if you don’t have folks who support that product properly, then, you’re missing something. So, for us, it’s important that our staff is passionate and knowledgeable about our products. And I feel like, when people call us — whether it’s an engineer or a pastor from a church — they feel that. It resonates with them that this is a great company. And I can tell you, almost every phone call I get, that is some of the feedback. They say, “Wow! You guys are great.” So, there’s a lot to a company like ours besides making products: It’s making a great team and, obviously, putting out a great image for our clients out there, so they can feel that we’re a reliable, solid company to go with for any of their applications.

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