IP-Enabled PoE Speakers: A Discussion with MSE Audio’s Ken Hecht

Published: 2023-05-02

Recently, Ken Hecht, VP of engineering/international sales, MSE Audio, chatted IP-enabled PoE speakers with Commercial Integrator. This, of course, was part of CI’s Performance-Audio Deep Dive, which we spotlight this month. During the interview, Hecht discusses MSE Audio and the company‘s audio leadership with Dan Ferrisi, CI’s editor-in-chief.

Indeed, as Hecht explains, more than a decade ago, SoundTube Entertainment in a sense created the category of IP-enabled PoE speakers with the introduction of STNet. During the interview, Hecht brings us fully up to date with all the company’s revolutionary developments since then.

To watch the full, seven-minute video Q&A, check out the embedded interview below.

During the conversation, Hecht and Ferrisi touch on several key topics, including the following:

  • How SoundTube Entertainment is a company known for creating categories (e.g., pendants, IP-enabled PoE speakers)
  • The breadth of the STNet series, whose formats include in-wall, surface-mount, in-ceiling pendants, soundbars and outdoor models
  • The fact that all the models are Dante and AES67-enabled
  • The fact that, across each line, every model is tonally matched. Therefore, even if different formats are in the same room, everything will sound the same.
  • How the breadth of MSE Audio’s offerings empowers the company to operate in diverse verticals. These include convention centers, shopping malls, hotels, education facilities, etc.

Of course, for details on each of those topics, including IP-enabled PoE speakers, you’ll have to check out the interview. Therefore, we encourage you to click above and watch the full Q&A.

This conversation is inspired by our Performance-Audio Deep Dive, an exclusive from Commercial Integrator.

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