RGB Spectrum Zio Decoder App at ‘Convergence of Control Room and AV over IP’

Published: February 12, 2019
Zio Networked AV ecosystem and Zio decoder app for mobile devices

AV over IP was a hot topic during Integrated Systems Europe and RGB Spectrum, which provides audio-video processing solutions for often mission-critical environments, says there are a lot of variables to consider.

At RGB’s ISE 2019 stand, John Henkel, director of product marketing, talked to CI about the Zio Networked AV ecosystem and Zio decoder app for mobile devices.

[related]He talked about the “distributed workforce” and challenges related to getting video to employees wherever they happen to be working – or roaming. Those challenges are compounded in a mission-critical or manufacturing work environment.

With so many AV over IP solutions at ISE, Henkel said adding unique value is important. “With our Zio mobile device we differentiate ourselves in the AV over IP landscape,” he says.

Users can push video content via their phone and pull in content from their phone remotely or as they’re roaming a facility.

“So as you’re out walking around the plant or the building you can actually look at streams that are sent to you from the HQ or a control room. You can also just browse whatever is on your network.”

For command and control room environments, in general, Henkel says AV over IP is entering transitional phase. “I think we’re starting to see the convergence of the control room in the AV over IP.”

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Zio Networked AV ecosystem and Zio decoder app for mobile devices

More about RGB Spectrum Zio Decoder App (via press release):

Distribution of audio and video over an IP network is growing dramatically every year. Additionally, today’s mobile workforce presents challenges to include remote workers’ phones and tablets. RGB Spectrum addresses these challenges with a new mobile decoder app as part of its Zio® Networked AV ecosystem.

The Zio decoder app for mobile devices, available now from the Google Play Store, connects a remote workforce. Zio’s Unified Management system automatically discovers remote users allowing them to select and view available Zio streams.

This functionality allows greater collaboration between facilities and remote users.

In addition to allowing users to “pull” desired content, system operators can “push” content out to them as well. Remote users receive a standard mobile OS notification alerting them to new content availability.

The Zio solution defines what it means to provide a comprehensive AV over IP solution. Previously announced capabilities include encoders, decoders, multiviewers, wall processors, operator stations and apps for smart displays.

System functionality includes the ability to display web content alongside video streams and to bridge LANs and WANs. The breadth of Zio offerings plus integration with third-party hardware adds up to a complete AV/IP video solution from a single vendor.

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