The Difference Between Home Office & In-Office Tech: 3 Questions with NEC

Published: 2020-11-11

George Borden of NEC joins us for another round of CI 3 Questions to talk about the differences between home office, remote work tech and in-office solutions.

Commercial Integrator: Remote work has been at the forefront of 2020, but many do predict a rise in this trend beyond this year. How will collaboration change when more workers stay remote?

George Borden: Unfortunately, I think a lot of people were reactionary and not proactive when we first started to see the shift towards remote work. Hopefully there’s been enough time now for folks to figure out not only their present situation, but where they’re going.

And I think they’re going to go towards flexibility, repurposing, using rooms they didn’t think they’d use for different functions. Also, software becomes a huge focus, even a bigger one than hardware in many ways.

CI: Technology is a huge part of the conversation. What does collaboration look like in a hybrid business setup with some remote and some in-person?

GB: Terrestrial software is useful, but true engineering docs and ideation needs a touch interface where you can work on it for a long period of time without carpal tunnel and fatigue.

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Everybody’s need is different, but being mindful of something simple like documents or something more intricate both requiring different solutions.

CI: What is the difference between office & remote work tech?

GB: Software – what software is being used for collaboration and design? Can someone remote open it up when the home office isn’t in service? If you’re a manager, sometimes you’ll need to work from home because of revolving schedules. You may need a solution that you can access either way. You need devices with flexibility, that’s key.

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