How Product Makers Help Create Exceptional Experiences: InfoComm 2019 Exhibitors Explain

Published: June 28, 2019

For an industry not just to thrive but to remain relevant, it’s important to push the envelope. For integration firms in the audio-visual market, that means creating “exceptional experiences” for their customers — a term InfoComm created a few years ago and reaffirmed when it re-branded as AVIXA.

During InfoComm 2019 many individuals from integration firms — those tasked with creating those exceptional experiences for their customers — walked the trade show floor searching for pieces of solutions that will make their clients say, “Wow!” It got us to thinking about how many of those InfoComm products makers are cognizant of the role they play in the audio-visual market.

When they create software, products and platforms are they thinking about how they contribute to a “wow” or “exceptional” experience? So we asked.

Watch the Video to See How InfoComm 2019 Exhibitors Help Create Wow Experiences

‘Wow’ Experience Is the New Benchmark

“In terms of what we bring to the customer — that added value factor — that benchmark is now ‘wow.’ We really need bring that,” says Guy Low of Bosch Communication Systems. “That’s the expectation level.”

Exceptional Doesn’t Always Mean Front-and-Center

“Middle Atlantic has been helping dealers create wow experiences since our inception 40 years ago,” says Megan Knedler of Legrand and Middle Atlantic. It does so by doing the little things, she explains. Those include creating solutions that help integrators meet their customers’ needs for fitting technology into small space or creating product housing that will aesthetically blend into the environment.

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Solutions That Address Customer Demand

Consider the prolific customer demand for a better, more interactive and collaborative meeting room experience. Vaddio, which provides camera solutions that enable and improve unified communication and collaboration (UCC) experiences, considers its products to be vital for dealers looking to design these systems, says Brian Ridge of Legrand and Vaddio.

John Monitto of Meyer Sound Laboratories says its solutions allow integrators to create an immersive event for customers. “That’s providing a lot of ‘wow factor,'” he says.

Sometimes It’s Obvious

“We specialize in creating stunning visual experiences for a wide variety of venues,” says Kyle Greetham of Digital Projection. “We like to create a custom experience to get you the most visually stunning experience possible.”

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