10G vs 1G: Will the Debate Continue at InfoComm 2019?

Crestron, which added Pixel Perfect Processing to its Crestron DigitalMedia NVX AV-over-IP line, says the 10G vs 1G debate is over.

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Nic Milani, executive director, commercial product marketing, talks 10G vs 1G at Crestron Masters 2019.

One of the more volatile issues at last year’s InfoComm show and throughout the AV integration industry has been the 10G vs 1G debate that has pitted several AV-over-IP providers against Crestron and the 1G camp. 

Prior to Integrated Systems Europe 2019, Crestron struck a blow in the debate when it announced that its Crestron DigitalMedia NVX line of AV-over-IP solutions added newly-developed Pixel Perfect Processing technology.

Pixel Perfect Processing essentially improves JPEG 2000 encoding and decoding and, according to Crestron, neutralizes the side-by-side, 10G vs. NVX demos often seen by its competitors on trade show floors.

In announcing Pixel Perfect Processing, Crestron invited comparisons with direct-to-PC which it contends is a big step up from any side-by-side comparisons between 1G DM NVX with 10G competitors.

“With Pixel Perfect Processing in the new DM NVX product line we really think the 1G vs. 10G debate is dead,” Nic Milani, executive director, commercial product marketing, Crestron, told me at the time.

InfoComm 2019: Are We Beyond 10G vs 1G?

During Crestron Masters 2019 last month, I asked Milani about how he feels the addition of Pixel Perfect Processing to Crestron DM NVX has resonated with the integration community – and if he expects the 10G vs. 1G debate to continue to be so omnipresent.

He said there has been “a huge shift” and that “seeing is believing.” The opportunity to conduct Pixel Perfect demonstrations at ISE 2019 made a big impact and he expects the same at InfoComm 2019.

“It’s really removed the debate,” he said.

Realistically, however, the debate will have a place at InfoComm 2019. “[Competitors] will promote their product, but there really isn’t anything from an objective standpoint that says that Pixel Perfect within NVX isn’t the best solution in the industry.

“We’re now shifting beyond that debate and really focusing on exploring the imagination of the industry and helping designers and our partners go out and explore new ways to solve problems with customers.”