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The AV Opportunities & Markets that Industry Thought Leaders Say You Should Know

Here are the audio visual markets and opportunities that industry thought leaders say AV integrators should pay more attention to.

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During InfoComm 2019, we asked these thought-leader manufacturer reps where they thought their integrator partners should look to expand to in the coming year. What audio visual markets or opportunities are AV integrators not taking advantage of that they really should be?

While the video above answers that question with diverse and thoughtful responses, there were even more replies we heard centered around just one market…

The eSports Opportunity

In the summer of 2018, we published this story on the eSports opportunity and what it takes for AV integrators to break in. Back then, it seemed like this was a foreign concept, just barely beginning to pick up steam as a major AV consideration.

But during InfoComm 2019, we couldn’t walk for 10 minutes without hearing some manufacturer tote their latest display, lighting control, large venue speaker or other thing as “perfect for eSports.”

And it’s a good thing the options are already there, because this is indeed a promising market. The only catch, says one respondent in the video above, is that integrators have to remember how much different the market is from the usual broadcast or live event kinds of projects.

“I don’t think they realize the difference between broadcast pro AV and what the eSports audio visual market needs: its own isolated network for high quality A/V distribution for the players themselves, separate from what the audience actually wants to view,” says Dan Coscarella, TecNec Distributing.

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