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NovaStar at InfoComm 2019: A Sneak Peek

Provider of innovative LED display solutions NovaStar will be demonstrating several products at InfoComm 2019. Here’s a preview.

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John Zhan, NovaStar’s North America regional manager, says NovaStar will be demonstrating several products at InfoComm 2019 and offers a preview.

There are plenty of AV professionals in the North American integration market who will be getting their first glimpse at LED display solutions provider NovaStar during InfoComm 2019.

The China-based manufacturer, which was founded in 2008 and emerged quickly with a strong technology support presence at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, will be at InfoComm 2019 booth 2773.

John Zhan, NovaStar’s North America regional manager, says the company wants to take the opportunity to show integrators what the company has to offer. In a video interview with Commercial Integrator, he runs through several products the company will be displaying at InfoComm 2019.

Recently, Zhan talked to Commercial Integrator about NovaStar to help North American integrators learn a little bit more about the company. As InfoComm 2019 attendees are compiling their lists of companies to visit on the trade show floow, we thought these thoughts by Zhan might come in handy:

CI: What makes NovaStar’s approach to video different?

Zhan: NovaStar decided to approach the market in a different way than other companies in the industry.

Rather than simply creating a variety of LED control products, we first analyze the needs of various applications and then create a series of products tailored to the specific needs of the application.

These tailored solutions include low latency, stage rental, digital signage and more, and make it easier for clients to find a solution that works for their specific application.

CI: How does NovaStar stay ahead of a constantly evolving AV market?

Zhan: We’ve got a really great R&D team that we rely on to keep apprised of industry trends. We try to be the first to market with products that meet the requirements that we think clients are going to have, often before they even become the industry standard.

The MCTRL4K is the first controller in the industry to fully support HDR10.

HDR is just starting to become more widely used in the LED industry, and we expect it to become the new standard for applications needing the best image possible. This is a good example of how we stay in front of these industry trends.

CI: What are some key NovaStar video products integrators should know about?

Zhan: Our MCTRL4K has been really well received. It was the first 4K controller in the industry, and also the first to support HDR10. What we’ve done lately is refined the HDR10 standard into something we’re calling HDR-Optima.

This standard is tailored specifically for LED screens to get the best HDR result and, of course, the MCTRL4K already supports this new standard.

CI: How do U.S.-based integration firms get NovaStar LED display products?

Zhan: We have our own sales team, and we also have some authorized distributors that carry NovaStar products.

CI: Does NovaStar have plans to expand its U.S. presence?

Zhan: We currently have an office in Las Vegas. We’re also in the planning stage for a new bigger office with a demo room, training center and more.

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