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AdMobilize, Ayuda Media Systems Partner to Integrate Artificial Intelligence-based Audience Analytics in DOOH Networks

AdMobilize has partnered with Ayuda Media Systems to provide its DOOH networks with Artificial Intelligence-based audience analytics and reporting capabilities as part of the Ayuda Platform.

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AdMobilize, Ayuda Media Systems Partner to Integrate Artificial Intelligence-based Audience Analytics in DOOH Networks

Admobilize offers solutions for providing artificial intelligence-based audience analytics for digital signage.

AdMobilize made a splash at InfoComm 2017 showcasing its ability to provide artificial intelligence-based audience analytics for digital signage solutions, increasing value for both customers and integrators. Now it has expanded that ability by partnering with Ayuda Media Systems to offer those solutions for its DOOH networks via the Ayuda Platform.

Providing analytics and business metrics is an important feature for evolving digital signage demands, Rodolfo Saccoman, co-founder and CEO, AdMobilize, explained during a recent MyTechDecisions podcast.

The partnership with Ayuda may help integrators with that transition. The integration equips Ayuda Platform users with both audience measurement and vehicle analytics functionality, in addition to real-time campaign performance reporting that’s viewable by both site and advertiser, according to an AdMobilize press release. “

Ayuda Platform users can access AI-driven audience measurement data across all D/OOH advertising campaigns globally – it’s a completely scalable solution bound neither by geography nor network size,” says Mike Neel, CMO, AdMobilize, in the press release.

“Because our core AI analytics technology is platform-agnostic, D/OOH networks powered by the Ayuda Platform with inventory in both placed-based and Outdoor roadside formats can leverage this new functionality.”

Why Partner with Ayuda Media Systems?

Ayuda Media Systems is a leading OOH-centric ERP and Digital Signage company whose established technology is used globally to run out-of-home (OOH) media companies’ daily operations, according to the AdMobilize press release.

Some of the world’s largest OOH networks use Ayuda’s platform for proposal generation, inventory and contract management, invoicing, leasing, financial reporting and web/app-based communications with their clients.

The partnership with AdMobilize affords Ayuda Platform users the ability to capture and report on key D/OOH campaign performance metrics which help media sellers make more informed data-driven decisions, offering value to advertiser clientele.

Daniel Fleischer, Ayuda’s Global VP of Business Development, shared: “Ayuda is excited to include the integration with AdMobilize’s AI-driven analytics solution as part of the value offered in the Ayuda Platform.

“Intelligent metrics are essential to driving more meaningful, results-based ad campaigns. The partnership will help Ayuda clients interpret audience data over time and provide meaningful insights to advertisers, in addition to leveraging said data for real-time responsiveness of the creative in the field.

“We are thrilled that AdMobilize’s solution can be offered not only to Ayuda’s digital placed-based environments, but also to the Outdoor roadside networks whose data points come from vehicular traffic.”

The press release goes on to explain that AdMobilize and Ayuda will explore additional opportunities for product integration in order to further fulfill the needs of DOOH networks around the world. The collaboration is already in place, with several DOOH networks who already use both companies’ offerings looking to provide a deeper level of audience insight and campaign performance reporting to advertisers more seamlessly.

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“The level of insight provided by online advertising platforms such as Google Analytics and Facebook Advertising are establishing a new expectation in terms of campaign reporting and analytics,” says Saccoman.

“For the D/OOH market to maintain pace with its online counterpart, media companies must provide their marketing clients with more sophisticated and accurate performance metrics. Ayuda understands this, which is why they’ve chosen to partner with AdMobilize. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

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