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Premier Mounts at InfoComm 2019: What We Learned

Sure, Premier Mounts was primarily at InfoComm 2019 to showcase its product offerings, but it also learned a few things about its customers and the industry.

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Premier Mounts' Brandon Breznick discusses what he learned at InfoComm 2019.

To be clear, Premier Mounts had a primary objective at InfoComm 2019 – to show the 44,077 registered attendees how it’s capable of contributing to spectacular AV integration projects.

That includes demonstrating a mounting solution for a curved LED video wall at Peppermill Casino; an ADA-compliant LED display mount that sits less than an inch off the wall; a versatile mount for a popular Samsung dual-sided display; and so much more.

However, Premier Mounts recognizes that trade shows can be about more than showcasing products, as assistant communications manager Brandon Breznick told Commercial Integrator prior to InfoComm 2019. “We aim to be kind of a liaison, kind of a guide through whatever your AV project might be in terms of displays.”

In other words, Premier Mounts wants to elevate its relationships with integrators, their customers and the industry – and trade shows like InfoComm 2019 are a great platform for that. So we reconnected with Breznick after InfoComm 2019 to get some of his takeaways.

Watch the video for full conversation between Breznick and CI editorial director Tom LeBlanc.

Key Takeaways: Premier Mounts at InfoComm 2019

There is demand for creativity.

That curved LED video wall mount that Premier Mounts showed off at its InfoComm 2019 booth – well, there was a reason for that. “We tried to show our custom engineering” to integrators during the show, Breznick said. There were a few applications of curved LED elsewhere on the InfoComm 2019 show floor and Premier wanted to make it clear that when integrators face a mounting challenge, it’s willing to engineer a custom solution.

Interactivity is good.

Much like the systems that integration firms are tasked with providing to customers are becoming more interactive, so is Premier Mounts’ trade show presence.

It demonstrated software on a mounted video display that essentially morphed into attendee’s silhouettes as they viewed it, creating an immersive engagement – and drawing attention to the mounting solution.

It also conducted a mount installation challenge that had installers doing what they do best – installing, mounting and leveling a product on the wall in an attempt to win daily gift cards. It added some gamification to the booth experience, Breznick said.

InfoComm 2019 attendance was telling.

Yes, AVIXA announced record-breaking attendance for InfoComm 2019, but Breznick was more impressed with the nature of many of those attendees. Many were first-timers. A lot of those first-time InfoComm attendees visited the Premier booth “asking really, really solid questions,” he said, adding that it shows momentum for the industry.

Integration industry demographics are evolving.

AVIXA reported — and it’s accurate, according to Breznick — that there were a lot of relatively young attendees at Infocomm 2019. “I definitely took some extra time answer their questions and also advocate on behalf of the Industry itself,” he said.

Future of the integration industry is bright.

The younger, more diverse attendance at InfoComm 2019 got Breznick excited about the future of the integration industry. “What we do is extremely exciting in terms of how everything comes together,” he said, adding that the average person has no idea about that process.

The younger, more diverse attendance at InfoComm 2019 got Breznick excited about the future of the integration industry.

“Giving those people the opportunity to see that on the show floor, I think was a huge benefit to them.”

In order for the industry to retain these enthusiastic young professionals, he added, it’s important to recognize the need for “soft skills.” Traditional technology, installation and system design skills are important, of course, but so are soft skills related to experience in health care or retail or project management, he said. Integration firms and manufacturers, Breznick said, should recognize the need to bring talented individuals into the industry and help them carve out a role that will help their organizations grow.

Watch the video for full conversation between Breznick and CI editorial director Tom LeBlanc.