COVID-19 Update

How Company Leaders Can Support a Healthy Work Environment During and After COVID-19

AV technology has advanced at warp speed during the coronavirus pandemic, meaning businesses have plenty of options to support a safe return to the office.

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How Company Leaders Can Support a Healthy Work Environment During and After COVID-19

If your company hasn’t reopened your office yet, chances are good it’s coming at some point soon—or maybe next year. The point is it’s coming and you need to be ready both as a company leader and as an employee who’ll be stepping into an entirely new environment than the one you left last spring.

AVI Systems leaders ran through a few of the ways integrators can step into this burgeoning market and bring security—both physical and emotional—to corporations and those who work for them as they head back to the office for the first time since at least March in many cases.

Personal smartphones and tablets and tablets are taking on increasing importance in the workplace as workers are a bit more hesitant about sharing devices and potentially spreading germs or continuing the sweep of the coronavirus pandemic around the globe.

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AVI Personal Touch is one such option, with a QR code or personal identification number (PIN) serving as your ticket to an online meeting, no matter whether you’re in the office, on the road, at home or even in your car for a little quiet time or a short vacation from the kids.

The code or PIN will share the same content with all attendees to allow them to interact with it in real time and react live to what they’re seeing and whether the idea should move forward or be updated.

Another QR code-triggered device is the virtual receptionist kiosk, which replaces a live person at the front desk to let guests enter the premises or get their questions answered without interacting with another human being—or having that person interact with them.

More Ways to Keep Everyone Healthy

Just when bring-your-own-device setups were becoming all the rage, we’ve moved into the era of bring-your-own-meeting, allowing people to attend virtual collaboration sessions from just about anywhere that has internet access, which is pretty much anywhere these days.

AVI Systems has options it installs for customers that include wireless extensions of the meeting room that allow users to pick the camera and microphone they want to use and start or join the session.

Occupancy management has become a critical tool for companies that are looking to preserve social-distancing protocols and Computer Vision Solutions features IP cameras that can track guest counts and feature audible and visual mask detection on those looking to enter the room or building.

Users can create the template with criteria that’s comfortable for them and determine the conditions for their facilities.

Density solutions help to keep count of how many people are in that meeting room, while analytics can help to track room utilization and make suggestions on other ways to use a particular space.

Many companies have taken to building “advanced town halls,” which elevate the production of the typical virtual event by using virtual and augmented reality technology through NewTek’s TriCaster2 Elite.

Whether you decide it’s already safe for your employees to be back at the office or wait until there’s a widely available COVID-19 vaccine, there are technology solutions out there for just about every size of company and plan of workplace return. It’s all a matter of personal preference at this point.