CommonWealth Partners Brings Virtual Reality Fire Drills to Los Angeles

Virtual reality continues to be used in new ways and across new verticals as it becomes more established as a way of recreating situations.

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A 22-story Century City office tower at 1888 Century City Park East is the first multi-tenant office building in Los Angeles to use virtual reality to conduct fire drills.

CommonWeath Partners opted to deploy virtual reality technology “to help ensure all occupants know how to respond in an emergency whenever they are in the office,” according to a recent company announcement.

“The value of VR fire drills extends beyond our adaptation to office restrictions during the pandemic,” the announcement says. “It will enable building tenants to train their employees on emergency practices at any time, rather than waiting for periodic in-person trainings which may only occur once a year.”

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Web VR fire drills and life safety training allow building occupants to use their smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers to explore their surroundings, locate stairwells and fire extinguishers, and exit the building.

As users navigate their building throughout the VR experience, they can learn how to use a fire extinguisher or emergency phones, find out what happens when the building goes into alarm, and receive video-based instruction from a firefighter.

How Virtual Reality Fire Drills Help Everyone

Developed by AK Preparedness, an emergency preparedness and life safety company, the new SafetyNet VR solution involves creating a photo-realistic 3D model of a building’s interior and then embedding information about stairwells and life safety equipment.

AK Preparedness is a leading provider of emergency preparedness planning, training, and technology solutions, helping thousands of commercial office properties, corporations, government organizations, and residential buildings reduce risks through more effective life safety programs.

Founded in 1981, AK provides emergency response plan development, online and mobile emergency response tools, live training and drills, life safety training videos, and other services.

CommonWealth Partners LLC is a vertically integrated, privately owned real estate investment, development and management organization.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CWP has assets located throughout the U.S., including Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and San Diego.

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