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Los Angeles Dodgers Add Video Screens to World Series Championship Ring Boxes

Mini video screen inside ring boxes features personalized highlights of each players’ contributions to the shortened 2020 World Series title.

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Digital signage doesn’t have to be extra-large or immersive to make a huge impact. Just ask the players from the 2020 World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers, who found the boxes containing their championship rings taken to a whole new level with mini video screens inside when they opened them.

There are likely sports championships that feature more bling and some that are probably more valuable, but the Dodgers rings are the first ones that feature a box that might be even more enticing than its contents. It’s an endeavor every AV integrator and manufacturer will envy I’m sure.

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Here’s more about the tech-savvy Dodgers World Series championship ring boxes from a fan blog:

Yes, that’s a television screen in the ring box, and I know what you’re thinking: they probably just made 150 copies of the same box that plays the same video on loop…right?

Wrong. Each box presented to Dodgers players earlier this month features personalized highlight videos for the different recipients.

You have to know this isn’t the end of the innovation when it comes to the use of AV for sports teams, especially those who win championships. The Dodgers have set the bar even higher by incorporating video screens with highlight reels and you know what that means?

Another team will find a new way to incorporate technology in a way most of us have never considered into the championship rings they give their players.

For now, though, the personalized video highlight reels are the standard bearer and have garnered a lot of attention from Dodgers fans, baseball fans and even those who aren’t sports fans at all.

It’s yet another way to keep AV in the front of people’s minds and that’s a great thing for integrators. What WILL they think of next? I can’t wait to find out–and I hope they go on the fingers of the Boston Red Sox.