NEC at InfoComm 2018: Bring Vendors Together for One Comprehensive Product

Published: June 28, 2018
NEC at InfoComm 2018

[related]It’s safe to assume that most InfoComm 2018 attendees strolled through the NEC booth. The display maker has established itself as a hub of integrated solutions focusing on important verticals and in-demand applications – but it doesn’t do so on an island, explains director of product marketing Keith Yanke.

“Our partners are an integral part of our booth,” he says.

It’s through partnerships with key vendor partners that the display maker is able to provide robust, often pretty-close-to-turn-key solutions for applications such as command and control room video walls, retail digital signage, menu boards, collaboration spaces and more.

Watch the full interview with Yanke above as he explains how partnerships help NEC strengthen solutions it provides to customers in key vertical markets and for important applications.

NEC at InfoComm 2018

So when Keith Yanke describes the NEC booth at InfoComm 2018 in a video interview with CI, he explains why those partnerships with key vendors are vital.

Whether it’s hardware partners for mounting, such as Peerless-AV or Draper; hardware companies around signage like BrightSign, on the computing side such as Intel or software partners such as Hiperwall, Yanke says each helps NEC better leverage its strong presence to provide more robust solutions for applications and vertical markets.

Vendor partnerships help NEC better leverage its strong presence to provide more robust solutions for applications and vertical markets.

Hiperwall, he says, is a perfect example.

“Command and control or visualization is a big part of our business so we’ve partnered with Hiperwall for a number of years to bring that software solution around our displays,” Yanke says.

“Since the start of that relationship we felt Hiperwall has a unique solution to that space. If you look at the command and control solutions it’s all around the hardware, but Hiperwall is strictly a software platform.”

By connecting that software platform with NEC displays, “we can bring that command and control solution to a lot more customers without having to tie into other specific hardware pieces,” he says.

It’s a similar situation with demand for video collaboration and NEC’s relationship with T1V, makers of ThinkHub collaboration software.

“We’re very strong in the corporate space,” he says, adding that collaboration has become a critical category as meeting spaces have evolved and necessitated new solutions.

“It’s about allowing multiple people to collaborate on a display or multiple people remotely collaborating on a display or displays,” he says.

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