Check Out This Premier Scissor Mount Which Helps Install LED Displays

Published: April 20, 2018

As demand for digital signage escalates, so too has the market for LED displays. The less glamorous side of these applications is the mounting – that is, unless you’re talking about uniquely engineered solutions such as this Premier scissor mount.


“LED is becoming a popular item nowadays,” says Shaun Roos, sales engineer, Premier Mounts. “It’s the brand new shiny toy everybody wants.”

He’s not kidding. LED displays were all over the recent Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas. Digital signage expert Alan Brawn of Brawn Consulting recently talked about the growth of the category in a CI interview.

“All the major LED display companies are now getting involved in fine pitch direct view LED, such as Samsung, Christie, Leyard, Planar and NEC, just to name a few. Name a big display company, and chances are they’re entering direct view LED,” he said.

It’s great to have options, but for installers it also creates myriad installation challenges.

“What we’re doing at Premier Mounts is we’re staying ahead of that curve and creating mounting solutions specific to each LED cabinet because everyone is unique and different in its own way – whether it’s the mounting or how the chassis come together,” Roos says.

“We’re creating mounting solutions that work specifically for each LED display,” says Premier’s Roos.

“We’re creating mounting solutions that work specifically for each one. For example, Planar/Leyard have their LED cabinet where it’s rear serviceable.

We were [early] to really create a giant scissor mount [so it provides] 24 inches of rear access when it’s fully extended for an integrator or installer to get back there and mount the LED, and also to just to service it as needed.

“So we’re staying ahead of the curve and keeping significant in our industry by seeing those needs and reacting on it and building a mounting solution that helps with installation and maintenance.”

Watch Roos discuss the LED category and see a demonstration of the Premier scissor mount in the video above.

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