QSC’s Q-SYS Products Now Certified For Google Meet

Published: 2021-08-24

AV manufacturer QSC says its Q-SYS Platform of audio processors is now certified for use with Google Meet hardware kits, allowing integrators and IT end users to choose from any of the suite’s processor or USB audio bridging endpoint regardless of processing or I/O requirements.

The portfolio of products is now certified for the three major players in videoconferencing: Google Meet, Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

This certification means Q-SYS processors and endpoints will work seamlessly with Google Meet hardware. Certified processors and devices include the Core NanoCore 8 FlexCore 110fCore 510i, and Core 5200. For more information on QSC certified solutions for Google Meet, please visit:

According to QSC, its Q-SYS Core processors are driven by Q-SYS OS, which was built around “standard IT protocols, a flexible and comprehensive control engine, with an intuitive and easy-to-use design software suite (Q-SYS Designer Software).”

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That allows features to be developed at the software level, including AEC and audio processing, eliminating the need for dedicated pieces of hardware, and a simplified integration process.

Integrators and end users can use a variety of AV-to-USB endpoints that meet their specific needs without sacrificing features or performance, the company says.

“We are proud to partner with Google as we share a progressive vision for solving complicated problems with software,” says Jason Moss, Vice President Alliances & Ecosystem, QSC. “By certifying Q-SYS, Google has enabled the broad portfolio of solutions in the Q-SYS Ecosystem delivering consistent, high-quality Google Meet experiences into high-value spaces. We look forward to offering additional software-based innovations, alongside Google, to increase capabilities and elevate experiences.”

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