title slide: MSE Audio on IP-Enabled PoE Speakers with Ken Hecht

IP-Enabled PoE Speakers: A Discussion with MSE Audio’s Ken Hecht

IP-enabled PoE speakers take center stage as Commercial Integrator chats performance audio with Ken Hecht of MSE Audio.

Soundtube IPD-XT850

Meet MSE Audio’s New SoundTube Entertainment IPD-XT850 Two-Way Outdoor Speaker

The new SoundTube Entertainment IPD-XT850 from MSE Audio is a Dante-enabled two-way outdoor loudspeaker designed for full-range background music and paging.

Opinicon Hotel, SoundTube speakers, restoration

Restoration of Ontario’s Iconic Opinicon Hotel Includes Subtle but Powerful SoundTube Speakers

Delicate restoration of the Opinicon Hotel required SoundTube speakers to address varying audio needs while working within construction constraints.

8 Products Honored for Innovation by NSCA at BLC

Winners in eight categories plus an overall Most Innovative Product are honored at NSCA’s Business and Leadership Conference in Chandler, Ariz.

17 Powerful Audio Products Introduced in 2016

QSC, Meyer Sound, Yamaha and Bose are just a few companies that introduced profound audio products this year for meeting spaces, venues, educational institutions and more.

17 Noteworthy Audio Products Showcased at InfoComm 2016

Innovative amplifiers, microphones and speakers were just a few of the new audio solutions various exhibitors were showing off at this year’s show.

SoundTube Makes Waves in Outdoor Audio with XT-Spyke Loudspeaker

SoundTube backs the XT-Spyke loudspeaker with an optional 120-watt transformer that incorporates a six-position tap switch with modes for 25.5-volt, 70.7-volt and 100-volt operation.

SoundTube 31 Series Speakers Receive IP Ratings

New 31 Series of 3-inch speakers have achieved IP64 and IP54 ratings, enhance any outdoor AV setup.

SoundTube Shipping SB335 3-Channel Mini Amp with Bluetooth Connectivity

SoundTube’s SB335, a 3-channel mini amp with RS232/IR control and Bluetooth connectivity is now in stock.

Getting ‘Serious’ About Boa Lounge Upgrade

Serious Audio Video wins 2014 Integration Award in the bars and restaurants category for their work at the Boa Lounge.