Lighthouse at InfoComm 2018: Standing Out in the LED Display Crowd

Putting together an LED display is “not the toughest thing but projecting the right color is what we’re good at,” says Lighthouse CEO Peter Chan, at InfoComm 2018.

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InfoComm 2018: Lighthouse's Peter Chan on Quantum q-Series and Dynamic Series LED Displays

The risk at InfoComm 2018 for Lighthouse, a Hong Kong-based 20-year veteran of the display market, is that it would blend into the sea of LED display makers that have emerged, often with unsubstantiated marketing claims, to address growing demand.

Lighthouse is different, Chan explains in a CI video interview. “We have our own R&D team. The majority of the screen industry today buy a lot of off-the-shelf product, particularly on their processing platform. What makes us different is our processing platform,” he says.

“Putting a screen together is not the toughest thing but projecting the right color is what we’re good at.”

With that in mind, here’s a look at what Lighthouse showed and announced at InfoComm 2018:

Lighthouse Quantum q-Series Direct-View LEDs Debut at InfoComm 2018

A highlight at the Lighthouse InfoComm 2018 booth was the debut of Quantum q-Series fine pitch direct-view LED indoor display solutions for the North American commercial AV market.

Lighthouse’s Chromatic Modulation Technology (CMT) is “constantly calibrating the screen to provide a very nice uniformity,” Chan says.

Quantum q-Series displays feature Lighthouse’s proprietary Peak Luminance Enhancement (PLE)—which delivers higher contrast ratios and provides a wider color space for richer colors and more natural images.

Quantum q-Series models also include Lighthouse’s Chromatic Modulation Technology (CMT) to prolong LED life and virtually eliminate problems frequently associated with other LED display solutions.

“It’s actually constantly calibrating the screen to provide a very nice uniformity,” Chan says.

From Lighthouse:

Lighthouse’s Quantum q-Series fine pitch LED indoor display solutions—available in 1.5mm, 1.8mm or 2.5mm pixel pitch—are designed to support high pixel density indoor applications. But the true differentiation of the q-Series is embedded inside the LED display.

Available for the first time in the category, Lighthouse’s proprietary Chromatic Modulation Technology (CMT) features an integrated photosensor mounted inside each panel, continuously measuring the output for each LED module.

The CMT nerve center automatically corrects for luminance and uniformity, addressing issues that other technologies ignore as they age or when they are swapped out for repair or maintenance. Lighthouse Quantum q-Series direct-view LED panels virtually eliminates these problems.

Peak Luminance Enhancement Delivers Richer Colors and More Natural Images

The new q-Series also introduces Peak Luminance Enhancement (PLE) for the latest in HDR technology. PLE enhances peak luminance to deliver higher contrast ratios and provides a wider color space for richer colors and more natural images.

The Lighthouse LEAP processor and proprietary processing algorithm convert 8-bit video source materials to 10-bit HDR output, providing a new level of versatility and taking advantage of HDR performance for existing source material.

Lighthouse Dynamic Series adds 80-inch, 104-inch Direct-View LED Models

Adding to its lineup of Dynamic Series fine pitch direct-view LEDs, Lighthouse added at InfoComm 2018 a 104-inch diagonal (16:9) and an 80-inch stretched aspect ratio screen.

From Lighthouse:

Mirroring the simplicity of ordering an LCD display or TV, the new Lighthouse Dynamic Series LED displays ship as complete, preconfigured units. Modules inside Dynamic series displays are cable-free and can be serviced from the front via a magnetic tool.

Easy to specify, install, and maintain, the affordably priced Dynamic Series stands above competitors’ solutions for its tremendous value and versatility.

LCDs dominate the conversation for most display applications but for big images, the future lies in fine pitch direct-view LEDs. Now, integrators have more choices in this cutting-edge technology with two new sizes in the Lighthouse Dynamic Series. A 104-inch diagonal model with a 16:9 aspect ratio fits squarely between the existing 89-inch and 118-inch models to meet the needs of many digital signage, retail, and hospitality applications.

A stretched aspect ratio 80-inch version for specialty applications is perfect for wayfinding, restaurant menu boards, and other areas where a panoramic display can help designers convey information in an eye-catching, relevant format.

Plug-and-Play Integration and Multiple Inputs Make the Dynamic Series an Easy Choice

Dynamic Series displays offer simplified plug and play integration and connect to standard video sources via HDMI. Each LED display includes a built-in media player with Wi-Fi, LAN, and USB connections for the ultimate flexibility and content options.

Each LED display comes with a content management system (CMS), and includes scheduling tools plus a group of pre-designed templates, making it perfect for digital signage applications. The Dynamic is priced competitively with comparably sized flat panel configurations and makes it easy to specify fine pitch direct view LED displays.