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6 Lingering Thoughts from Integration Business Outlook Webcast

Which market is most promising, why you’re set up to lose the margin battle and other takeaways from the annual strategic planning session.

Tom LeBlanc
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Since we launched Commercial Integrator, we’ve kicked off each year with a State of the Industry Report and companion Integration Business Outlook webcast, both in part drawing off a survey of CI readers and NSCA members.

The goal of this coverage is to provide analysis that helps integration firms and consultants plan strategically for the year ahead, so we encourage our sources not to sugarcoat anything.

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As such, there was very little sugarcoating in our Sixth Annual Business Outlook Webcast presented by CI and NSCA, which I hosted with NSCA executive director Chuck Wilson and Ron Gaboury from CI Integrator of the Year Yorktel.

Here are some of some thought-provoking points from the webcast.