Understanding the eSports Technology Opportunity

It’s not niche and it’s not just for large competitive gaming venues. Demand for eSports technology solutions is on the rise among universities and more, explains Premier Mounts.

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Premier Mounts assistant communications manager Brandon Breznick discussed the state of eSports venues, where the technology is going and the rising demand for eSports technology solutions.

By now, you know eSports is big and getting bigger. You know the eSports technology opportunity is rising with venues cropping up for competitive gaming complete with spectators.

Heck, you probably heard about Fusion Arena, future home of Overwatch League’s Philidelphia Fusion eSports franchise and the largest eSports new-construction in the Western hemisphere.

What you might not realize, however, is that demand for eSports audio, video solutions and more extends far down the market to far-less-obvious customers, according to Premier Mounts assistant communications manager Brandon Breznick.

Rethinking eSports Technology Opportunities

Universities are prime candidates to purchase eSports technology and that opportunity will rise steadily, Breznick says in a video interview with Commercial Integrator.

A top-level example is Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla., which recently launched an esports arena dubbed The Fortress — “the largest esports venue for a collegiate team in the nation,” Breznick says.

Universities will need some sort of eSports platform, much like they’ll need basketball courts and intramural indoor soccer.

While not all universities will dive in with Full Sail University to create such robust competitive gaming facilities, many are likely to tap into eSports on some level.

Their clientele – incoming freshman born in the 21st century – embrace gaming as a social platform.

Universities will need some sort of eSports platform, much like they’ll need basketball courts and intramural indoor soccer.

There is a tremendous opportunity for integration firms to educate themselves about eSports technology solutions and talk to their higher education customers about their needs.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t stop at higher education.

Corporate customers are likely to embrace eSports within their campuses, maybe in their break rooms and cafeterias. Instead of a lunchtime fuse ball tournament, millennial and generation Z employees might prefer to play a little Fortnite or NBA 2K19 during their breaks.

It’s a mistake for technology providers to limit eSports technology opportunities to the emerging demand for large competitive gaming venues.

The opportunity is moving down market to your traditional customers – the folks that already lean on you for AV solutions – and you need to be ready to deliver the eSports technology they’ll demand.

Watch Premier Mounts’ Breznick discuss eSports technology with Commercial Integrator. 

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