Yorktel’s Ken Scaturro on the Future of Collaboration

Published: 2022-11-16

Commercial Integrator recently caught up with Ken Scaturro, president and COO of Yorktel, to discuss the latest collaboration trends. Scaturro, who sits on the IMCCA Board of Directors, is a thought leader on topics ranging from cybersecurity to conferencing. A frequent contributor to Collaboration Today and Tomorrow, Scaturro shares insights in an interview about the continued migration to managed services, as well as other topical subjects.

As he explains in the interview, Scaturro believes that technology categories are collapsing into one another. Specifically, he says, AV, IT and telecom are coming together in new and interesting ways. As Scaturro puts it, “We are seeing the separate infrastructures of the voice world be consolidated into those same infrastructures of the IT world.” And, he adds, “Many of the devices that we’re seeing in the AV world are driving to sit on top of that IT infrastructure.”

In Scaturro’s view, one key role that technology professionals will play moving forward is to help drive and guide customers through the consolidation of those technologies.

Yorktel’s Managed Services Expertise

Yorktel is well known for its expertise in managed services, having been a leading provider for decades. But Scaturro offers insight into new ways that Yorktel is seizing on emerging opportunities. He explains, “We’re working closely with the manufacturers to understand the APIs of their devices to be able to pull even more data out of their management systems.” According to Scaturro, the vision is “…to manage the management systems of the OEMs.” That recipe, he states, provides better insight, without imposing resource drain on endpoints.

Scaturro touches on many other topics during the conversation, including the power of Zero Trust, the imperative to bring about meeting democratization and more. Watch the full 11-minute interview to hear the entire conversation.

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