What’s Unique about Vanco Evolution EVO-IP HDMI over IP?

Mark Corbin, president of Vanco International, talks about the recently launched EVO-IP HDMI over IP solution.

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Mark Corbin, president of Vanco International, discusses the EVO-IP HDMI over IP line.

A clear takeaway from Commercial Integrator’s Deep Dive on AV-over-IP is that integration firms feel a lot more comfortable recommending and deploying a network-based distribution solution for their clients than they did just a few years ago. Vanco International, meanwhile, spent much of the AV-over-IP adoption period working on and perfecting its Vanco Evolution EVO-IP HDMI over IP offering, according to president Mark Corbin.

Recently launched in September of last year, the timing is right for integrators gravitating to AV-over-IP to check out some of the features that Corbin says integrators won’t find elsewhere. “The system is really unique compared to a lot of competitors out there,” he says in a Commercial Integrator video interview.

“It took us about 3 1/2 years to completely finish the process between the hardware manufacturing and software. This being an HDMI over IP system it is very important that the software be reliable and very stable – and it also needs to be expandable.”

What Sets Vanco EVO-IP HDMI over IP Apart?

The EVO-IP HDMI over IP solution goes beyond the splitting and switching of many other distribution solutions, Corbin says.

“It allows you to do a complete video wall system up to a 5 x 5 system. You can do that multiple times within a run.”

He adds that it provides versatile digital signage options that create new opportunities for integrators and their customers.

A big benefit of EVO-IP HDMI over IP, Corbin adds, is remote monitoring capabilities. “Everything is a cloud-based system,” he says, “so the integrator can go into the system and monitor it. If there’s any kind of a problem or any kind of system malfunction it actually alerts the integrator or even the end user if needed. They can actually diagnose the system from their own computer which is really unique.”

Watch Vanco’s Mark Corbin’s full interview.

More on Vanco Evolution EVO-IP HDMI over IP

The Vanco Evolution EVO-IP HDMI over IP system manages, transmits, and receives AV and control for hundreds of devices over a local network.

According to the explanation from director of new product development Brandon White in the video above, the EVO-IP HDMI over IP system can be set up in three different ways:

  • integrators can use an IP-less setup with dip switches
  • a control box with HDMI out
  • or a QR code which automatically goes to a setup GUI, where integrators can configure a whole system without using a computer

“We have an easy-to-use interface to allow anyone to set up a system. Ultimately, time is money, so we’re trying to reduce the time to set up an IP-based system – any new transmitter or receiver is automatically found in the system,” says White at the Vanco InfoComm 2018 booth.

Vanco Evolution EVO-IP specs:
  • manages up to 1000 64-device systems
  • transmits 4K@60Hz,4:4:4, HDR, HDCP 2.2 video, audio, and IR/RS232 control as a point-to-point, splitter, switch, matrix, digital signage and/or video wall solution
  • added source preview, which allows the installer or user to see what is playing on a source before switching
  • uploading to different albums
  • turning displays 90, 180 or 270 degrees
  • upscaling media to 4K or down to 720p
  • cloud-based voice-control compatibility with Amazon Alexa, as well as to the iOS and Android mobile apps
  • drag-and-drop option for uploading photos for the on-screen display
Recurring Revenue Opportunities in the Cloud

Once connected to the cloud, the Vanco Evolution EVO-IP can schedule mappings and monitor how transmitters interact with receivers. If a video drops out, the system will automatically address initial concerns and email a self-analysis report to the installer.